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London walks are an ideal way to experience and discover one of the world’s greatest cities. You can leave behind the busy main roads and the well-frequented tourist haunts and discover the backstreets and hidden places where the history of this wonderful City was forged.

At Discovery Walks of London we offer a nightly Jack the Ripper Touyr which departs at 7pm plus two different London Ghost Walks on Friday and Saturday nights.

With over 25 years experience of devising and conducting unique and innovative guided walks, Richard Jones and his team of expert guides can show you the “real” London as their infectious enthusiasm and incredible depths of well-researched knowledge take you on a tour of discovery, unearthing unexpected nuggets of history and amazing facts. Whether you are visiting the great city of London for the first time or have lived there for your entire life, these London walks can open your eyes to many new aspects of the capital.

The London walks we offer

If you want to explore the spookier side of London, then the highly regarded ghost walk may be right up your alley? The famous Jack The Ripper Walk  takes you through dimly lit back streets and alleys for a truly authentic atmosphere as the chilling tale is brought back to life by our guides.

Historic London Pub Walks give an original and entertaining insight into this traditional and fascinating side of London’s culture and explore the hidden courtyards and narrow alleyways which were not built for modern vehicles so can only be discovered by foot. So unchanged in appearance are some of these locations for hundreds of years, that they are now often used as film locations. Speaking of which …

If you are a fan of J.K Rowling’s books then why not take our free Harry Potter London walk to explore many of the locations seen in the films? Another great family adventure is to try one of the many popular London treasure hunts, complete with photo challenges, lists of “treasure” to recover and team activities. These treasure hunts are all themed around great figures, places or events in London’s history, such as Sherlock Holmes, Westminster or Covent Garden.

Why Choose Discovery Walks?

Taking guided walks around London is an unparalleled way to discover the city, whether for the first time or simply to see it with fresh eyes. Richard Jones and his fellow guides truly love London and are incredibly passionate about how its past has shaped what London has become today. With a huge variety of London walks and tours, we have walks to suit all ages and interests. Taking you off the main roads and tourist traps into the back streets where many of the foundations of the city were really laid, our London tours are great value for money and Discovery Walks have a depth of knowledge which will help you to see London in a whole new light.

Guided London walks allow you access to the many layers of history behind this great city, presented in an entertaining and unique way by the guides, to deliver an unforgettable experience as you unravel London’s past.

More About London walks

If you’re visiting London, you’ll want to see as much of this vibrant, diverse city as possible, and walking tours allow you to do this. Of course, you can do a London sightseeing tour by coach, but you’ll see far more on a walk. London walking tours reach parts of the city you won’t see on other kinds of London sightseeing tour. As so many of the London streets weren’t designed for today’s vehicles, a walking tour of London is the only way to access them. London walking tours mean you won’t miss a thing.

London walks allow you to get under the skin of the UK’s amazing capital. London walks also give more chance to meet and talk to people on a walking tour of London.

If you do any London walk, you can benefit from the healthy exercise and do your bit for the environment. It will also save you money in public transport fares. London walks are definitely easier on the environment, and your pocket, and healthier than any other kind of London sightseeing tour.

With so many benefits to a London walk, no wonder hundreds of people love to do walks each day. Quite simply, walks of London are the quickest and easiest way to get around. No London walking tours require special equipment or expertise. All you need for a successful walk around London is a comfortable pair of shoes.

You don’t have to be super-fit to enjoy a London sightseeing tour on foot. If you get tired, you can always just complete one section of your walking tour London rather than the whole London walk. And most London walking tours start near public transport, making the majority of walks of London highly accessible.

Even if you are a veteran of the London sightseeing tour, with a walking tour London you’ll see familiar places from a fresh angle. If you’ve not done any London walks before, you’re in for a real treat.

There are so many walks of London especially as Mayor Boris Johnson is keen to encourage London walks. It’s never been easier to do a walking tour London. You may think the city’s busy roads make walks of London difficult or unpleasant, but so many London walking tours take you off the beaten track into the capital’s quiet, beautiful corners.

You can do a London walk along extensive networks of pavements and paths, and the number of dedicated trails for London walks rivals any other in the world. Transport for London (TfL) and the London Boroughs work together to promote walks of London.

You can do a walking tour London with a Beatles theme, do a literary London sightseeing tour on foot, or do a London walk along the Thames Path. Whatever you enjoy, there are London walking tours to suit it.

You may prefer solo London walks (and if you do we offer self guided print-off and go walks), but you don’t have to do any London walk alone. All year, guided London walking tours allow you to focus on enjoying your walks of London rather than navigating your route alone. You’ll see so much on a guided walking tour London, you may never want to do a London sightseeing tour any other way!

Whatever you want from a London walk, you’re sure to find it from one of the London walking tours organised by Discovery Tours and Events. Many of our walks of London are led by Richard Jones, one of the most experienced and well-known guides on the walking tour London market. Richard has been leading London walks since 1982, and devising London walks since 1979, so you’d be hard pushed to find someone better at this type of London sightseeing tour. His enthusiasm for London walks is infectious!

A published author as well as a walking tour London leader, Richard’s first book, City Walks of London, was published 20 years ago. So he is an acknowledged authority on the best London walks, and his passion for walks of London is immediately obvious.

Richard leads the pack in the competitive arena of guided walks of London. He was the first to lead a spine-chilling Jack the Ripper-themed London walk, and the first to devise London walking tours with a Beatles angle. Just as fascinating a London sightseeing tour is his ghost-themed walking tour London, great if you fancy a spooky London walk, or his London walk focusing on the city’s many historic pubs.

In fact, history is a great feature of many London walking tours. With London walks taking in historic backstreets and hidden courtyards to narrow alleyways, a walking tour London can bring the past vividly to life in a way other kinds of London sightseeing tour just can’t.

On walks of London near Westminster Abbey, for example, you can see a sign to an air raid shelter still painted on a wall. That’s just the sort of awesome detail a walking tour London takes in.

Alternatively, try a walking London sightseeing tour which takes in the riverside or bawdy London pubs as its speciality. Among the literary walks of London now on offer, there is even a Harry Potter tour, a real treat of a walking London sightseeing tour for fans of the books. And it’s just one of several literary London walks on offer.
A Charles Dickens themed London walk is another classic example of the great literary walks of London. You can also do a Shakespeare-based walking tour London if that’s more your thing.

With such a range of popular London walking tours, it’s no wonder our kind of London sightseeing tour on foot has generated so much positive press coverage, or that his kind of London walk is in such demand. People return to us time and again to enjoy our walks of London.

We are a hard act for other operators of London walking tours to follow! We’re confident no other provider of the walking London sightseeing tour provides so much genuine interest and excitement.

We offer so many London walking tours, of such varying distances and in such different locations, you’re sure to find a walking tour London you’ll love. Take a virtual London sightseeing tour on user-friendly web site, where you’ll find details of all our London walks. There’s bound to be a London walk among them with your name on it!