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Victorian gaslight in London’s East End.

There are many Jack the Ripper tours in London but ours are the only ones to be consistently led by experts on the subject. Guides who have been researching the history of the Jack the Ripper murders for many years and who are up to date with every twist and turn of this fascinating murder mystery. These are not actors or drama students who simply recite from scripts, but rather they are dedicated historians who have been studying the East End of London and its history for many years. That is why those who join us on our Jack the Ripper tours are often moved to write afterwards to tell us what a good time they had and how fascinating they found the tour.

Our guides include acknowledged Ripper expert Richard Jones, author of the book Uncovering Jack the Ripper’s London, and the writer and presenter of the internationally acclaimed drama/documentary Unmasking Jack the Ripper. Richard’s presentation skills were recently applauded by Ripper Notes, America’s leading journal on ongoing Jack the Ripper studies, which had this to say about the documentary:-

Richard is assisted by a team of handpicked freelance guides whose Jack the Ripper tours have also been applauded by those who have taken them.

Guides such as Jenny Philips, a cockney born and bred, who studied under the renowned East End historian Professor William Fishman. Jenny is able to bring a female perspective to the case and her storytelling abilities as she explains the events of that long ago autumn of terror in the very alleyways where they occurred, often has people looking nervously over their shoulders. Those who have taken the walk with Jenny often write in to comment on how good she was and how she struck just the right mix of chilling narrative and informative, yet entertaining, historical fact.

Jackie Salmon joined Jenny on one of her Jack the Ripper Tours on a freezing March night in 2007. Although she found the experience chilling in more ways than one she felt moved to email us with her thoughts on the tour:-

“…Myself and two friends went on the Ripper walk on a very cold Tuesday 19th March 2007. Jenny, our guide was very good, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the walk. My friends both live and work in London (one right in the east end) yet we were shown places and alleys that they didn’t know existed. Afterwards we spent an enjoyable few hours getting warmed up again in a local pub and discussing the evening’s events!”

A few months later, on one of the rare dry nights in the summer of 2007, Jane Salmon joined Jenny for a tour and had this to say about her experience:-

“Just wanted to let you know what a great tour we had last night! (1st July 2007) Our Guide (Jenny Philips) was extremely informative and created the perfect atmosphere for the story she was telling!! I had decided to go on the tour as I work in the area and thought it would be good to know the whole story of the Whitechapel murders.

My brother and sister-in-law who are visiting from Australia enjoyed it very much too!

Please pass on my thanks to our guide!!

Thanks again, and I’ll be making sure I take my Dad on the tour next time he visits me.”

Guides such as Lindsay Siviter who has been studying the Jack the Ripper murders since she was 10 years old and who has conducted ground breaking research into the murders. Lindsay combines warmth and charm with an ability to hold a group spellbound as she takes them step by step through the story of the Whitechapel Murders. We get many phone calls and emails from satisfied clients who all rave about what a great time they have had on Lindsay’s Jack the Ripper Tours.

Kim Bella and Bonnie Lynch joined Lindsay for a walk on Monday 19th July 2007. This is what they thought of it:-

“…It was a great experience. Lindsay was an excellent guide! She was knowledgeable, interested in the subject, and respectful of the local residents. I liked having the smaller, pre-registered group.

Thank you for a great tour.”

Cass Luker from Brisbane Australia joined Lindsay on her Jack the Ripper tours on 4th April 2006 and was moved to comment that:-

“…it was one of the highlights on my trip. Lindsay really knows her boats (as we say here in Australia for someone who really knows what they are talking about) and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for a great night Lindsay…”

Geri Olszewski together with her husband and son participated in Lindsay’s tour of Jack the Ripper’s London on August 4th 2006. Her experience moved her to let us know exactly what they thought of the walk:-

“..We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the time passed very quickly. Our tour guide, Lindsay Siviter, was very professional and a pleasure to meet and listen to. Her genuine knowledge of this subject was obvious and impressive. We have attended several “ghost” tours in the past and the best part of this tour was that it was accurate and factual, AND not just a theatre student’s performance of scary stuff!! I would highly recommend this tour over any other.”

However, he maintains the same high levels as all our guides, and clients frequently contact us to comment on his impressive knowledge and excellent presentation skills.

So if your are looking for enjoyable, yet informative, Jack the Ripper Tours conducted by guides who really know the subject we ask you to consider joining one of our walks. We are a small family run business representing a small number of hand picked freelance guides who are dedicated to presenting the best tour that we can. We fully understand that you have a choice when it comes to taking a Jack the Ripper tour of London and that is why each of our guides will work hard to ensure that they give you the best route, the best narrative, the best photographs and the best overall experience of all the Jack the Ripper tours on offer in London.

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