Welcome to London Discovery Tours

Terms and Conditions.


The cost of a walk is £8.00 per person.

Our minimum number required for a tour is 20 people (Monday to Thursday) and 30 people on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We do not combine smaller groups to make up the 20, you have to have the 20 people. If your group is less than 20 a minimum charge of £160.00 applies.

We do not ask for a deposit to secure your tour we just ask for a full mailing address and telephone number. A confirmation will then be posted to you within Seven Days of the booking being received by us. Please note your tour is not secured until you have provided us with a full and valid mailing address and a contact telephone number.


Full payment is due at the beginning of the tour. You can pay for the tour by credit card in advance via our secure server or by phoning us on 020 8530-8443. You can also pay in advance by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Discovery Tours and Events Ltd. Please note we do not accept cash on the night.


Your guide for the night will either be Richard, Jenny, Colin, Lindsay, Fiona, Mark, Phillip, John, Heather, Vicki or Alan. We will call you on the day of the tour and give you the guides mobile number. If you have not received a phone call by noon on the day of your tour, please phone us on 020 8530-8443 to be given the guides details.


We reserve the right to change any part of the tour should circumstances beyond our control dictate, this includes the substituting of a named guide with another. We reserve the right to cancel the tour in the case of guide illness or any other circumstances beyond our control. In the case of us cancelling the tour a full refund of any monies paid to us will be made. We reserve the right to refuse to take anyone on a tour who is, or who appears to be, under the influence of alcohol, or anyone whose behaviour is detrimental to the enjoyment of other tour participants.


The tour will take place regardless of weather conditions. We go rain, shine and especially thick, thick, fog. We ask you to make this point clear to each member of your group and ask them to dress according to the weather forecast. We will be happy to advise you on the weather forecast for the night of your tour. Bad weather does not constitute a valid reason for your cancelling the tour and should you wish to do so on the night itself you agree that a £160 cancellation charge will be payable to Discovery Tours and Events Ltd.


Should you wish to cancel your tour, the following cancellation charges will apply and you agree to be bound by these charges unless other arrangements have been agreed IN WRITING by Discovery Tours and Events Ltd. Up to SEVEN DAYS notice given no charge. Less than seven days notice of cancellation given, a cancellation charge of £140 will be payable to Discovery Tours and Events Ltd.


If you arrive late please ensure that you call the guides mobile to let them know that you are running late. Unless called, guides will wait for ten minutes beyond the designated start time and then depart. Should you arrive after ten minutes and have not phoned the guide to inform them you are going to be late with the result that the guide has departed an £140 cancellation fee will be payable. Please note that our tours are allocated in 1 3/4 our slots and guides may have another booking after your tour. If you are late and the guide has another walk afterwards we reserve the right to cut your tour short accordingly. Please ensure that all your tour participants are aware of this fact.


Tour participants are responsible for their own personal safety at all times.


Toilet facilities are very limited in the area on weekday nights after 8.30pm. There are pubs that you can go in to but it is up to the pubs whether they wish to allow you to use their toilets. On Saturdays and Sundays THERE ARE NO TOILET facilities on the Ghost Walks or the Jack the Ripper Walks. Please ensure that all necessary toilet stops have been made BEFORE you arrive for the walk as your guide will NOT be able to direct you to a toilet on Saturday or Sunday nights.


There are no pubs or restaurants open in the City of London on a Saturday or Sunday night. For groups of 30+ we can arrange a meal in a pub, but this is only available for groups of 30+. We do not handle the booking but will give you the phone number of the pub in order that you may make the necessary food arrangements for your group with the pub.