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Beatles Walks of London

In 1988 Richard Jones was the first guide to launch Beatles London walks. Up to that point people had always associated Liverpool with the Beatles and one of the questions Richard was frequently asked was “why London, weren’t the Beatles in Liverpool?”

The answer to that question was “most certainly, but it was in London that they found superstardome.”

In early January 1962 the Beatles made the ten hour drive to London to audition for Decca Records. Having done a recording session during which their nerves were more than evident the fab four left London convinced that they were going to get a recording contract with Decca.

But in March 1962 Dick Rowe of Decca Records contacted the Beatles Manager Brian Epstein and informed him that he had decided not to sign the Beatles to the lable because he didn’t like their sound.

Those who joined Richard on his Beatles London walks in 1988 would mouth along the next part of Dick Rowe’s put down as it is one of those phrases that has become legendary. He told Brian Epstein that “groups with guitars are on the way out.”

Of course he was wrong, and Decca became famous as the lable that failed to sign the Beatles when they had the chance!

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