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Harry Potter Tour – A New Landmark

Our free Harry Potter walk of London hit a record number of downloads on Tuesday 20th December 2011. There it was going along smoothly enjoying 300 – 400 downloads a day when suddenly the downloads started climbing. 600, 800 900. The downloads just kept climbing! By the end of the day the Harry Potter London walk hit the amazing figure of 2987. phew!

So what had happened? Well, it turned out a newspaper had chosen to recommend it to its readers as a great thing to do with the kids in London over the Christmas holidays.

And, in all honesty, it really is. The whole point about the free Harry Potter London Tour is that it’s, errrrr, well, free. There’s a lot of cashing in on the Harry Potter film franchise. One walks company even manages to do a Harry Potter Walk that makes very little mention of Harry Potter!

With the free Harry Potter Walk Tour of London you get to visit almost all the Harry Potter film locations around London. The only cost to you is the cost of travel and anything you might decide to buy on the route. The beauty of it is that you can decide when to start the tour and then set your own pace. The difference between this and the paid for London walk-ins that you won’t be herded round on a massive tour consisting of 70 or so other muggles. You’re your own self contained tour. You stop when you want to stop. If something intrigues you you can make a detour to look at it.

But, because the tour provides step by step directions you effectively have your own personal tour guide to lead you to the Harry Potter London film locations. It’s magical!

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