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Haunted London walks

Haunted London walks are a great way to get to see the City by night. They offer a combination of history, mystery and distinct spookiness.

For example, on our Alleyways and Shadows Haunted London walk we explore a warren of old alleyways at the heart of the old city that have hardly changed since the days when Charles Dickens knew them. It was in these old sections of bygone London that he set the opening for his most ghostly of ghostly tales A Christmas Carol, and on our walk we take you past the location of Scrooge’s counting house.

It’s one of those locations that those who join us on our ghostly London walks really do gasp in amazement when they are confronted by these wonderful survivors from times gone by.

Elsewhere, on our Ghosts, Ghouls and Graveyards London walk we take people into the Churchyard of the oldest parish church in London St Bartholomew the Great which dates back to the year 1123.

Many people who see this church, even if coming to it for the first time, get the impression that they have been there before. I’d love to say that this is some past life paranormal experience, but the truth is people have seen it before, even if they haven’t visited it before. The church is something og a movie star and has been featured in, amongst other films Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Shakespeare in Love and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

London has a great deal to offer those who choose to explore its streets, alleyways and courtyards once night has fallen. Indeed, when you walk through the historic sites at night, you virtually have them to yourself. The offices have closed up, the daytime populace have gone home and the memories of bygone ages begin to stir.

Our Haunted London walks have been paced out to ensure that you get the right blend of history and mystery, and your guide will introduce you to another side of London.

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