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The Harry Potter London Walking Tour – An Update

With the snow falling all around London prts of the City are looking truly and wonderfully magical.  Which makes a nice link to this week’s big news about our Harry Potter London Tour. It’s about to be updated.

With the release of the new film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One drawing fans into the cinemas we’re in the process of updating the free Harry Potter London walk to include locations featured in the new blockbuster.

Admittedly, London doesn’t feature extensively in the latest movie (the inside of a tent gets a bigger part!) but there are several locations.

Most notably Scotland Place again features as the entrance to the Ministry of Magic and the big brown doors at its junction with Great Scotland Yard feature in the scene when Harry, Ron and Hermione drag the employees of the Ministry of Magic in through the door to be transformed into them courtesy of a slurp of polyjuice.

Whether it is worth while heading over to Shaftesbury Avenue because Harry, Ron and Hermione walk along it prior to going into the cafe where they have a memorable encounter with two Death Eaters is debatable, albeit it does make it possible to include a pleasant stroll along Haymarket, so it might yet make it into the walk.

So if you would like a copy of the new Harry Potter London Tour, the wait until Monday and send an email to


and then, as if by Magic, the PDF will land in your inbox within a few minutes.

Incidentally the free Harry Potter London walk has now reached 30,000 downloads and has even been featured in USA Today. It will soon be joined by several new free London walks that will include a pub walk and a Dickens walk. Like the harry Potter tour these new walks will be fully guided walks and will feature quizzes to keep you on your toes as you make your way around the route.

Since we launched the free Harry Potter Tour two years ago many people have commented on how enjoyable the quiz and treasure hunt elements of the tour are, so the new walks will. hopefully prove equally popular.

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