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Charles Dickens Walks

Richard Jones is the author of WALKING DICKENSIAN LONDON, a book which took him almost two years to research and write.

He has recently launched a series of Dickens London walks and Tours (details) which around the London haunts of Charles Dickens and see the London that he lived in, worked in and wrote about.

Walking Dickensian London

Walking Dickensian London is a beautiful book that is packed with fascinating facts and anecdotes about Dickens life and times.

Each of the twenty-seven London walks has been paced out to give you an in depth insight of Dickens’s London. Richard will take you to places that have changed little since the days when Dickens knew them.

Follow in Dickens’s footsteps down a muddy path to gaze upon the house to which Dickens came to recover from the death of his beloved sister-in-law, Mary Hogarth.

Stand outside the home of Dickens great friend and business adviser, John Forster. It was in this house that Dickens, freshly returned from Italy, gave a private reading from his newly completed Christmas book The Chimes.

Discover the house in Islington that was once the home of the actress Frances Ternan with whose daughter, Ellen, Dickens became involved in 1857. She may well have been his inspiration for Estella in Great Expectation and it was with her that he spent his final years, a fact that was one of Victorian London’s most closely guarded secrets.

Old alleyways, twisting lanes, places where those who knew Dickens best lived, are all included on the 25 London walks and 2 countryside tours that Richard conducts. And with a genuine authority as you guide you know that you will be seeing the best that Dickensian London has to offer.