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Ghost Walks

We offer a wide range of ghost walks in London. You can choose to explore the hidden alleyways of old London on our weekly haunted London walk from bank underground station. Alternatively you can wander through the graveyards of the city to hear chilling tales from days gone by. Perhaps you are seeking something a little bit different? No problem. You can join us on a haunted tour of Hampstead, London’s country village, or visit the dark alleyways around Fleet Street searching for Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber.

Another popular one of our London walks is the Jack the Ripper Walk, which takes in the courtyards, thoroughfares and passageways of the East End of London. This walk tells the story of the infamous murders that took place in these very streets in the autumn of 1888.

Of course, the favourite time of year for people to take a ghost walk in London is around Halloween. Every Halloween Richard Jones leads his annual Halloween Ghost Walk that explores the haunted places and properties at the heart of the old city. He’s done the walk every year since 1982 so has got the storytelling and presentation down to a fine art!

So whatever type of ghost walk you are looking for we’ve well and truly got London covered. Just click on any of the tours below to be taken to its description page and discover the places where bygone Londoners have been just dying to meet you.