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A Free Harry Potter London walk and tour.

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The tour has now been updated to include the locations in the new film The Half Blood Prince.

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The Harry Potter London Tour.

We’ve put together a free Harry Potter London Tour that will give you step by step directions of how to explore all the London locations used in the Harry Potter films.

Step by magical step parents and children will be able to enjoy this Harry Potter London walk which doesn’t just stick to a handful of locations around Strand and Covent Garden, but allows you to travel all over London visiting almost all the Harry Potter film locations.

However, since this Harry Potter Film Locations Tour was paced out by Richard Jones and his two boy wizards, Thomas aged 11 and William aged 9, you can be sure that it is packed with things to keep the kids occupied as you travel between the various locations.

The tour is mapped out as both a Harry Potter sightseeing London walk, that travels between stops by tube, and a fun London Treasure hunt on which the kids will have to search for things as they make their way around London.

They will, for example, have to find the rats tails in the London church of the “Oranges and Lemons.” They will have to search for the ferocious lions that guard one of London’s most historic buildings.

They will have to hunt for a ferocious dragon that has coiled itself round a fearsome looking cannon. Or even see if they can find the butterfly that flits its way through Shakespeare’s London.

But of course the main theme of the tour is the London locations that have featured in the Harry Potter films, and, because this is a self guided tour, you are able to visit more of the sites than on any other Harry Potter London walk.

Where others just take you to Gringotts Bank; The Ministry of Magic and, perhaps Westminster Station (that’s just three Harry Potter film location sites)this self guided London walk will take you to all these plus the following:-

  • The alleyway off Charing Cross Road that was the real Diagon Alley.
  • The lovely old market where the Diagon Alley scenes were shot in the Harry Potter films.
  • The bridge over which the Knight Bus zooms in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
  • The bridges under which the members of the Order of the Phoenix fly on their broomsticks en route to Grimauld Place.
  • Two Leaky Cauldrons! Two different exteriors were used in different Harry Potter films.
  • The place where Ron and Harry park up the Ford Anglia and from which they fly off en route to Hogwarts.
  • The wall through which the students and their families walk to board the Hogwarts Express.
  • And of course Platform 9 and three quarters at King’s Cross Station where you will be able to take photographs of you and the children pushing a trolley in to the wall!

It is our philosophy that you should have the choice as to whether or not you want to do your Harry Potter London Tour with a guide or on your own.

If you choose a guided tour you should be aware that the tour will only take in a handful of the Harry Potter London film locations.

By being adventurous and doing it yourself you not only save money (all this tour will cost is the price of your travel around London) but you will also be able to go at a pace that suits you and your family.

If you are uncertain about any part of the tour, Richard is only too happy to give you advice and a few pointers. However, since the route is mapped out for you step by step with clear directions you should be fine.

All in all this is a great self guided tour and it should prove great fun for those who wish to see more of London, but at their own pace.

So if you’re the sort of family who prefer to do things at your own pace and in your own time. If you like the freedom of not being confined by having to make a set departure and dread the thought of being crammed on to a tour with 30 or 50 other people, then you’re the sort of family that this Harry Potter London Tour has been devised for.

If you are seeking a Harry Potter London walk that actually visits the Harry Potter film locations then we hope you enjoy the tour that we have put together.

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The PDF will be sent by automated response almost immediately.


The “Harry Potter” Tour and London Treasure Hunt is an independent self guided tour that is neither supported by nor endorsed by J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, Scholastic Press or Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. The Magician recognises the fact that all rights to all the “Harry Potter” stories and characters are the property of J. K. Rowling and her publishers and representatives. Film Rights remain the property of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.