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Pub Walks offer you one of the most entertaining nights out on offer in London. There’s nothing quite like the ambience of a traditional London inn or tavern.Ye Olde Dr. BUtlers Head. Indeed it is within the walls of her ancient hostelries that London’s past comes most vividly to life.

Our Wicked Pub Walks have been carefully crafted to ensure that you get the most out of your evening. They’re fun, informative and they’ll show you London’s history in a fascinating and amusing fashion.

We don’t bombard you with dusty dates and dry history. We’ll people the night with characters from the past – Dickens, Shakespeare, artists and aristocrats, the drunk and the dry, actors and actresses, plus long dead citizens both famous and forgotten. What they all share in common is that their stories will breathe life into the history that surrounds you.

This is the London that pub tours bring to life. Little glimpses of the places and secret history that, once discovered will not be forgotten. A history that, unless you leave behind the busy main roads and come with us into these nooks and corners of bygone London, can be so easily missed.