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Secret City Walk – A Journey Back in Time.

old-hseHidden away from the busy main roads there exists a secret city of medieval streets, picturesque courtyards and ancient buildings.

On this unique walk we thread our way through the alleyways and byways of old London to uncover an enchanting world where history was made and time stands still.

From the “Holy Gloom” of London’s oldest parish church (C1123), to the cloistered solitude of the City’s only surviving medieval, monastic complex and on through a twisting warren of tucked away alleys, you will see a part of London that you would never dream could still existed.

You will see a 16th century gatehouse from which spectators once watched the fires of Smithfield; gaze upon the time worn stone of London’s only surviving Tudor townhouse where Elizabeth 1st once stayed; you will see the spot where the Great Fire of London burnt itself out in 1666; and gaze upon the only statue of Henry V111 in the City.

So join us for a journey through the magic of bygone London and witness the captivating pageantry as 2,000 years of plagues, fire, humour, tragedy and fascinating history unfolds before you.