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Shakespeare’s London – Bards, Bawds, Bishops and Brothels

shakespeare-portraitOur Shakespeare’s London tour is fascinating walk along the banks of the River Thames through a truly atmospheric area of hidden riverside pathways, dark, imposing Victorian warehouses and cobblestones streets set amidst the nooks and corners of a bygone age.

You will discover London’s 16th century entertainment district and learn the story of how Shakespeare arrived here and quickly conquered the hearts and minds of the bawdy Elizabethan audiences.

You will hear about the dying playwright who, in a deathbed diatribe against the “upstart crow” William Shakespeare, accused him of keeping his “tigers heart wrapped in a players hide.”

You will stand at the site of the Original Globe Playhouse and see where its modern descendent has risen phoenix like on the banks of the Thames.

You will view the site of the Tabard Inn from whence Chaucer’s pilgrims set out on their merry road to Canterbury.

You will enter the passages and courtyards of London’s oldest market and then gaze upon the oldest Gothic church in London where John Harvard was christened and William Shakespeare’s youngest brother lies buried.

There will be the opportunity to see the colourful replica of Sir Francis Drake’s flagship the Golden Hinde and the chance to stand alongside a 14th century Bishop’s Palace where Shakespeare may well have laboured to translate the Psalms into English.

The Shakespeare’s London tour will end at London’s only surviving galleried coaching inn, typical of those in the courtyards of which 16th century actors once plied their craft to drunken and yobbish audiences.

All in all this is a true gem of a walk and a window into the world and city that inspired the worlds greatest dramatist.