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The Sherlock Holmes Trail of Mystery

The game is afoot!

So join Holmes and Watson on this celebrated whodunnit to uncover a warren of alleyways where you are invited to solve a series of mysteries.

Sinister places beckon, dastardly villains await unmasking, and mysterious clues await your discovery.

All the great adventures are here:- “The Man With The Twisted Lip”; “The hound of the Baskervilles”; “The Blue Carbuncle”; and “The Naval Treaty” to name but a few.

But they’re presented in our own unique style. Not for us, the monotonous telling you that this is where this happened, and this is where so-and-so was found. We put you into the adventures. We give you the clues as Holmes uncovers them, but it’s left to you to make what you will of them.

So join us for a tour with a difference and pit your wits against some of detective fictions most cunning and dastardly villains.