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The East End Story – A walk through history

the east end of London is a fascinating area to explore. The centuries it has been the settling point of wave upon wave of immigrant communities. From the Huguenot weavers, that built a solid residences here to the Irish and Jewish settlers that lived in them in the 19th century.

it was clear that the elephant man was discovered, and it was here that Jack the Ripper inflicted his reign of terror upon the populace in 1888.

you will experience Street have changed little since those days. You’ll seek out the oldest remaining synagogue in England; the best preserved Georgian shop front in the whole of London; espy a building that was once a chapel, later a synagogue and is now a mosque.

You’ll wander through a fascinating a maze of narrow lanes, where the true spirit of the east end still survives.

So come with us and enjoy a journey through one of London’s most fascinating and colourful neighbourhoods.