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The Westminster Story – London Beyond the Spin!

westminster01All you ever wanted to know about Politics and Royalty is contained within this two hourĀ Westminster Walk. We start with Queen Boudica and end with Queen Elizabeth 11.

In between we pause for a look at the Houses of Parliament and discuss how its members succeeded in wresting executive power from the Crown during the English Civil War.

We move on the take in the few surviving segments of the Old Palace of Westminster and gaze in awe at the lofty splendour of Westminster Abbey.

Then we move on through the hidden streets of Westminster where you will be regaled with an insightful history set against a backcloth of palaces, Parks and magnificent architecture.

Loaded with anecdotes that will amuse, amaze and fascinate, this walk provides a compelling insight into the reality behind Royal Weddings, and Prime Ministers and those mysterious figures that have strutted their way across the stage of state and have then vanished into the night or total obscurity.

So join your guide for a wonderful tour through streets that are both historic and unchanged for over a hundred years on our ultimate Westminster Walk.