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Top Secret London – Spies Like Us

on this walk, we look beyond the facades of the ordinary buildings of the “espionage capital of the world” to reveal that some of the most compelling events of the 20th-century spy world have happened into the most mundane places.

We tell how a leading officer’s pet dog once led his wife to his top-secret place of work; we show places where agents became double agents, but turned out to be working for the opposite side, and so were, in fact, only single agents (if you get the drift).

We. We reveal the truth behind “The Racket”, “The Org” and “the Old Firm.” we name the spy chief who was a communist agent and who only got to the top because the file kept on him but would have prevented his getting into power, was destroyed by Luftwaffe bomb.

we see the block of flats where, during World War II, new recruits began their training before being sent to France as spies.

So join us an a walk that is slightly eccentric, historically mysterious but at all times fascinating.