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More London Ghost Walks

Monday, October 26th, 2009

As promised we kick off our haunted London walks week with another of our quick ghost walks.

To do this tour you need to head to Barbican Station.

Go left out of the Station and then turn left into Charterhouse Street. A little way along on the right is Charterhouse Square. The large grass garden at its centre is reputedly a plague pit which was establishes in 1348. It gives off a very creepy aura during the day,  but on a dark October night it is positively creepy to say the least!

Turn right into Charterhouse Square and proceedcounter clockwise round it. On the right, behind the high stone wall you will see The London Charterhouse.

This was originally a monastery set up in 1381 for monks to pray for the souls of the plague victims buried close by. It is haunted by several ghosts including a shadowy monk and a headless nobleman who is said to stride down the staircase inside with his head tucked under his arm!

This one of our haunted London walks continues by returning to Charterhouse Street. Turn right and then left into Lindsey Street. At the end go over Long Lane, via the crossing, bear right and walk down to the phone box. Here turn left in to Rising Sun Court. 

On your left is the Rising Sun Pub where ghostly footsteps are sometimes heard pacing back and forth in the upstairs bar after it has been locked up for the night. When staff go to investigate there is nver anybody there!

Continue to the end of Rising Sun Court and go right into Cloth Fair. Go in through the gate of the churchyard opposite and make your way into the church.

This is the church of St Bartholomew the Great. It dates from 1123 and is the oldest parish church in London. There is an admission charge of £4, but it is well worth it.

For many years this church has been a highlight on our various London walks, from the Secret City to our Friday night Ghosts, Ghouls and Graveyards Tour.

To the left of the altar is the tomb of the church’s founder Rahere. His ghost is said to haunt the darker recesses of the church.

To get back to Barbican Station go back to Long Lane, turn right along it, go left at the traffic lights at the end and Barbican Station is on your left.

London walks – The Next 7 Days

Friday, September 25th, 2009

From today Friday 25th September 2009 we have some great London walks that you can book on to.

Every night we have the chilling and wonderfully atmospheric Jack the Ripper Tour. This meets outside Exit Four of Aldgate East Underground Station at 7pm.

Booking is essential for this very popular tour as we like to limit the number of participants to a sensible number of no more than 36 people per guide.

The tour visits the main sites where the jack the Ripper murders occurred. But the great thing about our Jack the Ripper walking tour is that ours is the only one of all the London walks to start right in the heart of the area where the murders occurred.

Those London walks that start at Tower Hill have to walk for close on 40 to 45 minutes before they even reach a murder site.

On ours, by contrast, you go straight into an alleyway where what, at the time, was thought to be the first Jack the Ripper murder occurred. From there we make our way to the street where Mary Nichols who nowadays is believed to have been the first victim was living at the time of her death.

Follow this link for details of our Jack the Ripper Tour of London.

In addition to our Jack the Ripper Walking Tour of London we will have our regular weekly ghost walks on Friday and Saturday this week.

When you join our Haunted London walks, which is always led by Richard Jones, you are joining the author of over fifteen books on Haunted Britain and Ireland, two of which are specifically about Haunted London.

No other London Ghost Tour can offer you the level of expertise and the skillful storytelling that we offer on our wander around wicked sinister and ghostly London.

Friday night’s tour is the Ghosts, Ghouls and Graveyards Hidden Horrors of Haunted London Tour. Saturday’s tour is the Alleyways and Shadows Old City of London Ghost Walk.

To book your places on a Haunted London walk please click here.

London Ghost Walks

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Our haunted London walks offer you the opportunity to explore the hidden courtyards and secret places at the heart of the old City of London.

At night the City streets begin to empty of their daytime population and gradually the alleyways and courtyards at the heart of the city become deserted.

This sets the perfect backcloth against which to explore the historic streets and discover the old buildings where ghosts are known to walk.

Our haunted London walks take place on Friday nights and Saturday nights.

Our Friday night tour is the Ghosts, Ghouls and Graveyards of London and it sets of from outside the Lord Raglan Pub on St Martin Le Grand. It explores the graveyards and old burial grounds that still survive amongst the modern buildings of the City of London. It also features visits to two execution grounds where we tell tales the of the dark deeds that occurred there centuries ago.

Our Saturday night haunted London walk  is the Alleyways and Shadows ghost walk which explores atmospjeric old places such as the location where Charles Dickens set Scrooge’s counting house in the opening pages of that most ghostly of ghostly tales  A Chrsitmas Carol.

It also features some of the City’s more chilling historical tales and gives you the opportunity to discover London when the streets are at their emptiest and most chilling.

So if you are looking to find a night out in London that is totally different then why not join us on one of our Haunted London walks?

Free Walks In London

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

London walks are a great way to see London and you can really explore the streets of this wonderful city in an in depth and relaxing way on foot.

At Discovery Walks of London we offer a range of guided tours that cost just £7 per person. These include our ever popular Jack the Ripper London walk and our range of haunted London walks – such as the Alleyways and Shadows and the Ghosts, Ghouls and Graveyards Walks of London.

We are the only one of the London walks companies to ask you to book in advance and we do this for a very good reason. By booking you give us the opportunity to know how many people will be coming on the walk. We like to limit our numbers to a sensible and manageable number of around 34 people per guide, so by booking your tour you help us achieve that goal.

But some people enjoy the freedom of exploring London in their own time and at their own pace. We cater to these free-spirited souls by being the only one of the London walks companies to offer a series of free DIY walks.

These range from our hugely popular Harry Potter London Tour, a 27 page booklet that you download print off and follow. To date we have sent out 1700 downloads of this great London walk. If you would like a copy of the PDF please just fill in the quick enquiry form at the top right corner of this page and we’ll aim to send ti to you within 24 hours.

But we also offer a large range of DIY London walks at our sister site www.walksoflondon.co.uk. Here you will find Dickens London walks, Secret City Tours, Chiswick Walks and Docklands step by step London walking tours.

This site was recently featured in an article in the Travel section of the Los Angeles Times that recommended our free London walk around Clerkenwell to readers.

So why not stop by our sister site www.walksoflondon.co.uk and enjoy a whole range of great and free Londonwalks?