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Harry Potter Walk in London – A Christmas Idea

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

It seems unbelievable that a whole year has gone by since we first put up our Harry Potter London walk and Treasure Hunt. Where does the time go?

If you are looking for something to do with the kids over the Christmas Holidays then this might be, if you’ll pardon the pun, right up your street.

Beginning at Temple Underground Station this one of our free London walks takes you on a magical journey around London that visits all the Harry Potter film locations.

Everything from the real Diagon Alley to Platform Nine and Three Quarters is included.

It is structured as a step by step guide around the streets of London that will appeal as much to parents as it will to children.

In addition to the Walking Tour around London, which can be done in one day or spread over several days, the Harry Potter London Tour is also structured as a Treasure Hunt that will keep the kids occupied throughout.

They have to find faces on buildings and even have to search for the rats tails in the church that the rhyme Oranges and Lemons starts with.

We’ve had some positive feedback from people who have taken the harry Potter Tour over the last 12 months.  One family even had the good fortune to see filming for the upcoming Harry Potter Movie as they made their way through the streets of Westminster.

Getting your copy of the tour is a piece of cake. You simply send an email to harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com  and within moments, thanks to the wizardry of our automated system, the full 30 page pdf will land in your in box. You then simply print it off and away you go. You can do the tour as and when you choose and also set you own pace.

So if you want something to get you out of the house over Christmas, something that will show you some wonderful places in this great city, then request your copy of the Harry Potter London Tour and away you go.

The Harry Potter London walk.

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Well, that’s it for another year. Halloween has now passed and the broomsticks are put away for the next twelve months.

So today we thought we’d return to the subject of our free London walks.

It’s been a while since we last mentioned our great Harry Potter Tour of London.

Essentially our Harry Potter London walks are a series of tours that can be combined in to one full day exploring the streets of London whilst visiting the locations where the Harry Potter movies were shot.

It couldn’t be simpler. You simply let us know that you are interested in this one of our London walks by sending us an email to:-


We’ve placed an auto-responder at this address which mean that, within two minutes of us receiving your request (often it’s even quicker than that!) our auto response clunks in to action.

There’s a lot of whirring and clanking and splutterring, but then, as if by magic, the Harry Potter London walks series is sent off through the ether and, lands in your inbox! How clever is that?

The tour itself is a 30 page PDF that gives you step by step directions around the route and takes you to such wonderful places as the real Diagon Alley; The National Portrait Gallery; Trafalgar Square; The Millennium Bridge; and, of course, King’s Cross Railway Station where you can visit Platform Nine-And-Three-Qaurters.

This one of our London walks is totally free. The only cost to you is the paper and ink to print it off (and you don’t even have to do that as it will also work on your Blackberry), the travel around London and any meals or drinks you might by in the course of this sequence of Harry Potter London walks.

So why not request your copy? Just send an email to


and within moments you could be off exploring some of London’s most fascinating places.

The Harry Potter Locations Tour

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Just a quick reminder that our Harry Potter London walks are available as a free pdf download.

We say walks plural because the tour is actually divided up into several different areas around London.

The Walks in Harry Potter’s London are free, albeit they are DIY tours.

 But, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense to do a Harry Potter tour on your own by following our carefully planned out step by step Walking Tour directions.

Firstly, you are not confined to a particular start time whereby you have to be at a specific point at a specified time. With our free Harry Potter London Tour you can start it at any time you wish.

Secondly, you’ll see more atcual Harry Potter film locations than with the paid for London walks. It is our belief that if you want to do a Harry Potter Walk of London then you want to actually see as many of the locations used in the films as possible.

To only take you to a small number of locations and then fill the rest of the tour is with topics and places that are not actually related to the Harry Potter film locations isn’t really fair on you.

Our Harry Potter London Tour and Treasure Hunt takes you to almost all the locations in London where the films have been shot.

Thirdly, we are great believers in step by step directions. We won’t tell you to go and sit in a pub or a cafe and read about interesting locations close by.

Our philosophy is to get you out there, actually walking through the streets of London enjoying the places you are reading about by actually being there.

Finally, the Harry Potter London Tour is also structured like a London treasure hunt, so the kids can be kept occupied throughout.

Best of all the whole thing is 100% free. You simply have to send an e-mail to:-

harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com and, as if by magic, your Harry Potter London walk will be with you within moments.

Due to the exceptionally high demand for our tour we regret that you can only obtaain this one of our free London walks by sending your request to the aforementioned email address.

The Tour is a 30 page booklet that you then just print off and do as and when you choose. You set the pace, and can spend as much or as little time at the locations as you wish.

Our Harry Potter London walks

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

For those of you not familiar with the history of our unique London walks around the Harry Potter film locations here is a little background.

In 2007 Richard and Joanne Jones and their two sons, Thomas (10) and William (8)  decided to put together a London walk that would allow parents and children to explore all the Harry Potter film locations in London.

The tours then on offer were either very expensive or were London walks that weren’t really relevant to the Harry Potter theme.

What Richard and Joanne decided to do was to put together a tour of London that parents and children could do on their own and for free. They also decided that, to keep the children occupied, it might be an idea to include a London Treasure Hunt as part of the tour.

And thus was born the Harry Potter London Tour and Treasure Hunt. Beginning at Temple Underground Station they began pacing out a tour of London and visited all the harry Potter film location sites in London.

Gradually the tour came together and by December 2008 it was ready to go live on the internet. However, the problem with the website was that if parents wanted to print it off it ran to somewehere in the region of 90 or so cumbersome pages.

The whole ethos behind the Harry Potter London walks was that they were intended to offer a day out in London for families that wouldn’t cost parents the earth.

So in May 2009 the Harry Potter tour was turned into a dowlaodable PDF file that printed out at just 28 to 30 pages.

Joanne and Richard expected a handful of requests and so were had planned to simply email the pdf manually.

However, the Harry Potter London walking tour proved more popular than they imagined and they were soon having to manually upload and send over 100 pdf’s a day.

Casting round for a more labour efficient way to send the pdf they hit upon the idea of an automated response. Having tested this under all conditions they were delighted to find that it actually worked.

Not only did this mean that they didn’t have to spend two or so hours a day responding to the Harry Potter London tour requests, it also meant that those who requested the free London walks would not have to wait till Richard and Joanne were able to respond to receive the tour. Within minutes of them sending the request the pdf would be in their in box – as if by magic! It’s just a great one of the things to do in London.

So why not but this to the test yourself? Just send your request to


Then sit back and listen to the ping as it arrives. You then simply print it off and away you go exploring the streets of London on the first of a series of what, we hope, will be great London walks for families and anyone else interested in seeing more of London.

Harry Potter London walk

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

The Harry Potter London walk is a free pdf that has been put together and compiled by London guide and writer Richard Jones.

The way the tour works is that we send you the London walks pdf which you then print off and follow its step by step directions on what is a truly in depth andunique London walking tour.

As well as taking you around the Harry Potter murder sites, the Harry Potter London tour is jam packed with fascinating snippets of information and historical facts.

For exampple, you will discover why London bridge is /was falling down. You will wander through some lovely old alleyways and tucked away courtyards to encounter the sites where many of the scenes in the Harry Potter films were shot.

You will explore the streets behind Whitehall, in one of a which a family following the tour route in June had the good fortune to encounter the filming  of the latest Harry Potter instalment.

But the tour is also laid out as a London treasure hunt which helps keep the kids occupied throughout the day, or days, over which you pace the tour.

Best of all we have recently automated the entire process of sending you this one of our free London walks.

To request you copy of the Harry Potter film location PDF simply send a request to harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com  and within moments your Harry Potter London walk will be with you.

Harry Potter London Treasure Hunt Walks.

Monday, July 13th, 2009

This week is well and truly Harry Potter week in London and our Walks that cover the Harry Potter London film locations are increasing in popularity with each day that passes.

We put the harry Potter London walk together in December 2008 and have been updating it ever since.

In late April we converted it to a manageable 27 page print off and go PDF tour around the harry Potter London sites.

How it works is very simple. If you wish to take our self guided Harry Potter London walks you can request it via our quick enquiry form at the top right corner of this page. We then send you the PDF as an email attachment which you then print off . That’s it really. Couldn’t be simpler!

The Harry Potter London walk is a step by step full researched guided tour that will take you all over London.

It covers the major sites that featured n the Harry Potter films. Places such as Gringotts Bank, The entrance to the Ministry of Magic, The Leaky Cauldron and, of course, Platform 9 3/4.

With regards the latter site there is a major refurbishment going on at King’s Cross Station at the moment and Platform 9 3/4 recently moved! Not to worry though, our Harry Potter London walk has been updated to include the new location, which isn’t that far from the old location, but which can prove a little difficult to find if you arrive at King’s Cross during the evening rush hour. That is why our step by step directions are so helpful.

Our free London walks and Harry Potter tours are all paced out  with step by step directions that guide you past some of the capital’s most historic sites. In addition our Harry Potter London Film Location Walk is laid out as a treasure hunt in which the children can be kept fully occupied searching for unusual items in the streets of London.

So if you would like to receive our Free Harry Potter Tour PDF please send us an email to harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com and we’ll send it by return. In addition we will also send you details of our many other London walks.

More On Our Free Walks Of London

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Well we did it!!

Our Harry Potter London walks Free Tour achieved its 1,000th download last Tuesday afternoon.

We’re getting some great feedback from people who have done the tour and from people who are proposing to do the tour in the coming weeks or months.

Many have thanked us for coming up with the idea of a free London walk around the Harry Potter film sites as they have been looking at the cost of some of the paid for tours and finding them way beyond their means.

This of course was the reason why Richard decided to make the PDF available.  As a London Walking Tour guide he knows how many wonderful places there are in London that are either free or else don’t cost the earth.

He often takes his own boy wizards on jaunts around London and it was in the course of one such jaunt that the idea for the free PDF was born.

Richard walks the full route at least twice a month to ensure that it is up to date and that nothing has changed. In addition on his various London walks he passes a lot of the sites included on the Harry Potter Tour on an almost daily basis so if anything does change we can notify you almost immediately.

The premise for the tour is quite simple. Richard has written a 27 page booklet that we send to you as a PDF. You then print the walk off and go off and do it on a day and at a time that suits you.

Unlike the scheduled Harry Potter London walks and tours you don’t have to be at a specific location for a specific times. This tour is for the free-spirited, the independents amongst you who want to do it yourself. You can spend as much or as little time at the various locations as you wish.

Best of all, if something catches your eye or tickles your fancy you can explore it and pay it a visit. You are not restricted by the time scale of a set London walk – you are master or mistress of your own destiny.

To receive your free copy of our Harry Potter London locations walk simply complete the enquiry form at the top of the page and we will whisk you over your PDF as soon as we receive your request.