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A New Look At London

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

There are many ways to see the sights of London. Coach and bus tours are extremely popular and get you round the siihts, such as Big Ben and The Tower of London. But with coach tours you’re stuck behind glass and at the mercy of the itinerary set by the tour company itself.

Likewise, you can join one of the many guided London walks that take in the well known as well as the more hidden aspects of London.

Whereas this is a far more preferrable way to see London you’re still at the mercy of the guide and the itinerary set by the walkining tour company. In addition with guided London walks you often find yourself crammed on to a tour with 20, 30 or even 50 other people. As with a coach tour you might see something that attracts your attention or tweaks your interest and want to stop and look at it. But if it’s not on the intinerary then you have no choice but to carry on with the tour and make a mental note to, hopefully, come back and take a closer look at it the next time you’re in London.

The best way to see London is to do it under your own steam and in your own time. With our free Harry Potter London Tour you can do just that. You choose when to do the tour (so you don’t have to be at a sesignated start point for a specific time), you set the pace and spend as much or as little time as you like at a particular site.

But, becasue the walk included step by step directions you are never truly on your own.  Thousands of people have now discovered this great tour and many of them have written to say how much they enjoyed it and how easy it was to follow.

So why not become one of the free-spirits who venture out on their own (or at least as a family) and see London at your own pace and when you want to see it? Head on over to our Harry Potter London Tour.

The Harry Potter London Walking Tour – An Update

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

With the snow falling all around London prts of the City are looking truly and wonderfully magical.  Which makes a nice link to this week’s big news about our Harry Potter London Tour. It’s about to be updated.

With the release of the new film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One drawing fans into the cinemas we’re in the process of updating the free Harry Potter London walk to include locations featured in the new blockbuster.

Admittedly, London doesn’t feature extensively in the latest movie (the inside of a tent gets a bigger part!) but there are several locations.

Most notably Scotland Place again features as the entrance to the Ministry of Magic and the big brown doors at its junction with Great Scotland Yard feature in the scene when Harry, Ron and Hermione drag the employees of the Ministry of Magic in through the door to be transformed into them courtesy of a slurp of polyjuice.

Whether it is worth while heading over to Shaftesbury Avenue because Harry, Ron and Hermione walk along it prior to going into the cafe where they have a memorable encounter with two Death Eaters is debatable, albeit it does make it possible to include a pleasant stroll along Haymarket, so it might yet make it into the walk.

So if you would like a copy of the new Harry Potter London Tour, the wait until Monday and send an email to


and then, as if by Magic, the PDF will land in your inbox within a few minutes.

Incidentally the free Harry Potter London walk has now reached 30,000 downloads and has even been featured in USA Today. It will soon be joined by several new free London walks that will include a pub walk and a Dickens walk. Like the harry Potter tour these new walks will be fully guided walks and will feature quizzes to keep you on your toes as you make your way around the route.

Since we launched the free Harry Potter Tour two years ago many people have commented on how enjoyable the quiz and treasure hunt elements of the tour are, so the new walks will. hopefully prove equally popular.

Dickens Walks In London

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Charles Dickens loved London and walks that follow in his footsteps and in the footsteps of his numerous immortal characters can be great fun.

As part of our commitment to bringing you some great London Walking Tours that are absolutely free we will soon be adding the ultimate Dickensian London walk.

Following on  with the format of our Harry Potter London Tour, the Journey through Dickens London will take you through one od the capital’s most magical quarters, an area that Dickens knew very well indeed and about which he wrote many times.

We’ve now created the PDF for this particular tour and it will be available as a free download very shortly.

The Walk will feature some of the many locations that have changed little since Dickens knew them. Chief amongst them will be a wander amongst the quiet and cloisterly courtyards of the Inns of Court of which Dicken wrote “you can read on the gates who enters here leaves noise behind.” This description is still as true today as it did in his day.

We’ve got some great innovations for our new tours which we’ll roll out as the new tours begin to go live in May.

In the meantime don’t forget that it is possible to sample one of our free London walks by taking our Harry Potter London Tour. To get this free pdf you just have to send an email to harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com and our automated system will ping it back to you within moments.

So keep a keen eye on our blog as we’ll be announcing the order in which the new walking tours will be rolled out in the months ahead.

Take Free Walk In London

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

The free Harry Potter London walk went mad last week. Don’t know why it happened but, all of a sudden our average daily requests rocketed from around 30 to over 200. We’ve had some great feedback from people who have done the Harry Potter Tour and are really looking forward to bringing in our new free London walking tours in early May.

Our Riverside pub walk will be the first one to go live and this will be quickly followed by a Walk Around Dickens London. Since Richard wrote the acclaimed book Walking Dickensian London the Dickens walk is gauranteed to be a great walking tour.

Just like the Harry Potter Tour of London, the new free London walking tours will be downloadable PDFS. You just print them off and off you go. The great thing is that you will be able to do them at any time and on any day to suit you, so you’re not confined to a specific time of departure, nor a specific time limit on your tour. You can go at your own pace and in your own time. How enjoyable would that be? Plus our step by step instructions will ensure that you won’t get lost as you make your way around the route. We know the step by step directions work because we’ve been trialing them for the last twelve months on the Free Harry Potter London walk, and they’ve worked Like a dream. You can, incidentally, download the Harry Potter London tour by sending an email to harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com. Since this is an automated system, within moments you will receive the PDF as an attachment. It’s like magic!

Keep an eye out for our the launch of free walks of London. They’ll be live, very soon.

Start the New Year With a London walk

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year. Why not blow away the cobwebs by taking one of many London walks that will show you the hidden places of this magical City?

A good starting point for this London Walking Tour is Temple Underground Station.

Turn right out of the station and then swing left along the Victoria Embankment. Having crossed over Temple Place pause to admire the ferocious silver dragon that stands on a plinth by the road. He is the guardian of the City of London and marks the boundary where the City of Westminster ends and the City of London begins.

Continue past him and go left through the first gate you encounter.

The arch ahead might look familiar if you’ve seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie as it features in the film.

Keep going up the incline of Middle Temple Lane and pause in the courtyard on the left. To your left is Middle Temple Dining hall which dates from the 1570′s.  A little further along go right through the arch and enter Pump Court. High up on he wall on the left is a sun dial that dates from the 1680′s and on which you will read the motto “shadows we are and like shadows depart.”

Keep ahead through the cloisters and on your left is one of London’s true treasures Temple Church which was built by the Knights Templar in 1185. It features in the film and the book of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.

Go clockwise round the church and when on its other side cross to the railings where, on the ground, you will find the tomb gravestone of author Oliver Goldsmith.

Backtrack and, at the end of this first walk, go right and out through the fate onto Fleet Street.

Take a stroll along Fleet Street looking our for the magnificent clock on St Dunstan’s In The West, which dates from 1683 and where two giants still chime the hour.

If you keep going all the way along Fleet Street and then over and up Ludgate Hill you will come to St Paul’s Cathedral.

On just a short walk you will have seen much, explored some lovely old parts of London and ended at one of her iconic sights and sites.

These are the sort of things that our London walks make possible. If you would like a print off free tour of London then why not enjoy our Harry Potter London Tour simply send an email request to


and our automated dispatch will send it to you by return.

Our London walks For 2010

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Well the end of December is almost upon us and the year is entering its twilight hours. Indeed, the first decade of the 21st century is nearly over and as we move into 2010 we thought we’d just give you a heads up about our London walks for 2010.

Our Jack the Ripper Tour will be continuing 7 chilling nights a week. We’ve now got some great guides conducting this, the most popular of all the London walks on offer. Three of our guides are published authors who’ve written books on Jack the Ripper, and six of our guides have appeared as expert interviewees on virtually all the Jack the Ripper documentaries of the past 10 years. No other London walks company can offer you this level of expertise when it comes to the Jack the Ripper Tour.

Our London Ghost Walk will be operating on Friday and Saturday throughout January and February and will almost always be guided by London’s leading ghost walk guide Richard Jones. On last night’s tour Richard was joined by a travel journalist who made an observation that many of our clients have made over the years. No other London walks come close to the level of expertise on Richard’s haunted London tours.

When looking at London Ghost Walks there really is no better measure than just looking at Richard’s output of books and TV programmes. You can either take a standard ghost walk with a guide whose read a few stories in a book, or you can take a expert guided London Ghost Tour with the man who wrote the book.

Richard has written 9 books on Haunted Britain and is currently working on his tenth. In addition he has written books on Jack the Ripper’s London, Dickens London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Chester, York and Stratford. In addition he has appeared on the History and Discovery Channels and was the historian on the cult show Most Haunted Live for several years. He will be travelling throughout Britain researching his new book of true ghost stories throughout January and February and will be publishing a twice daily blog of his journey, with photogrpahs of the places he visits and brief discriptions.

In addition to our Ghost Walks and our Jack the Ripper Tour we are going live with our Free London walks in the new Year and rolling out a programme of step by step walks that you will be able to do yourself. In addition to being able to print them off and taking them you will also be able to watch them online on our series of Walking Tour Videos. Have a look at one of our tasters on Dickens London here, or more Charles Dickens London walks here.

So keep an eye on our site throughout 2010 and see what exciting London walks, both free and guided, will be launching.

In the meantime may we take this opportunity of wishing you all a very happy New Year.

Walks in London Over The Holiday Period

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Firstly, a very merry Christmas to all those who have been following our London walks.

With Christmas day out of the way for another year it’s that period when people start to look at getting out and about to walk off some of those extra calories acquired over the festive period.

It looks like the pre-Christmas snow will be returning to London this week, or if not it looks like its going to get a bit colder.

All our London walks went ahead during the bad weather and those who joined our Jack the Ripper Tour on Monday night, when we caught the tail end of the snow shower said how much they enjoyed it and how it really lent to the atmosphere.

This week we’ve got our regular festive wanders up and running. Our Jack the Ripper Walk is sold out until into the New Year.

Harry Potter Walk in London – A Christmas Idea

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

It seems unbelievable that a whole year has gone by since we first put up our Harry Potter London walk and Treasure Hunt. Where does the time go?

If you are looking for something to do with the kids over the Christmas Holidays then this might be, if you’ll pardon the pun, right up your street.

Beginning at Temple Underground Station this one of our free London walks takes you on a magical journey around London that visits all the Harry Potter film locations.

Everything from the real Diagon Alley to Platform Nine and Three Quarters is included.

It is structured as a step by step guide around the streets of London that will appeal as much to parents as it will to children.

In addition to the Walking Tour around London, which can be done in one day or spread over several days, the Harry Potter London Tour is also structured as a Treasure Hunt that will keep the kids occupied throughout.

They have to find faces on buildings and even have to search for the rats tails in the church that the rhyme Oranges and Lemons starts with.

We’ve had some positive feedback from people who have taken the harry Potter Tour over the last 12 months.  One family even had the good fortune to see filming for the upcoming Harry Potter Movie as they made their way through the streets of Westminster.

Getting your copy of the tour is a piece of cake. You simply send an email to harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com  and within moments, thanks to the wizardry of our automated system, the full 30 page pdf will land in your in box. You then simply print it off and away you go. You can do the tour as and when you choose and also set you own pace.

So if you want something to get you out of the house over Christmas, something that will show you some wonderful places in this great city, then request your copy of the Harry Potter London Tour and away you go.

Christmas Walks in London

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Looking For Something to do in London This Christmas?

You know that Christmas feeling. Christmas Eve is all about looking forward to that big day. The day itself, December 25th is about the family. Kids opening their presents. Sitting down as a family and enjoying the Christmas meal. Next, it’s  Boxing Day and still more Turkey to get through!

Then comes those few days between Christmas and New Year. What can you do to get out of the house? Well, our walks of London will be operating.

On Sunday December 27th we will be conducting our Jack the Ripper Tour and it will then take place every night until 30th December.

This is a great period of the year to explore the darker recesses of the old City of London because, with many of the offices closed for the festive period, the streets, courtyards and hidden passageways are totally empty of their day time populace. Shades of bygone times can stir at will and intrepid ghost hunters on our haunted tours of London can well and truly seek out those who have been just dying to meet them!

Another great idea, and this time a totally free day out, is to request our Harry Potter London Tour.

This is structured as both a London walk (you get detailed step by step directions that will take you all over London) and a treasure hunt that will keep the kids occupied throughout. The beauty of the Harry Potter Tour is that, because it is a pdf that you download and print off, you can do it as and when you like. You set the pace. You can stop off at any building or location that catches your eye as you go round. In short it makes for the perfect day out in London.

So if you’re looking for something to do in London over the festive period why not give one of our walks a try, and see for yourself why London is a great place to spend Christmas.

The Harry Potter London walk.

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Well, that’s it for another year. Halloween has now passed and the broomsticks are put away for the next twelve months.

So today we thought we’d return to the subject of our free London walks.

It’s been a while since we last mentioned our great Harry Potter Tour of London.

Essentially our Harry Potter London walks are a series of tours that can be combined in to one full day exploring the streets of London whilst visiting the locations where the Harry Potter movies were shot.

It couldn’t be simpler. You simply let us know that you are interested in this one of our London walks by sending us an email to:-


We’ve placed an auto-responder at this address which mean that, within two minutes of us receiving your request (often it’s even quicker than that!) our auto response clunks in to action.

There’s a lot of whirring and clanking and splutterring, but then, as if by magic, the Harry Potter London walks series is sent off through the ether and, lands in your inbox! How clever is that?

The tour itself is a 30 page PDF that gives you step by step directions around the route and takes you to such wonderful places as the real Diagon Alley; The National Portrait Gallery; Trafalgar Square; The Millennium Bridge; and, of course, King’s Cross Railway Station where you can visit Platform Nine-And-Three-Qaurters.

This one of our London walks is totally free. The only cost to you is the paper and ink to print it off (and you don’t even have to do that as it will also work on your Blackberry), the travel around London and any meals or drinks you might by in the course of this sequence of Harry Potter London walks.

So why not request your copy? Just send an email to


and within moments you could be off exploring some of London’s most fascinating places.