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Walking London With Kids

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

On Saturday an intriguing question was raised by a couple who joined Richard on one of his London walks through the haunted City. They wanted to know what they could do in London, that wouldn’t cost a fortune, with their, children.

This was exactly why Richard wrote his  Harry Potter London walk and treasure hunt last year (still available by sending an email to harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com).

But discussing the things that families can do in London  that aren’t going to cost an arm and a leg Richard came up with a list of  suggestions.

The Bank of England Museum, located a short walk from Bank Underground Station is a great start. Not only can you get to lift a solid gold bar (great fun in its own right) but for children the Bank Museum also provides a quiz sheet of bits of information that they must seek out as they go round.

The Guildhall Art Gallery is another suggestion.  Although they charge and entrance fee, it isn’t that much and they also provide a quiz sheet to keep the kids occupied. 

Next door is Guildhall itself, built between 1411 and 1440 and London’s medieval palace. You can get the children looking for the two fierce giants that guard it.

A little walk away is the wonderful Museum of London, which tells the fascinating story of this great city from pre-Roman times to the present day. Again they provide a great quiz sheet for the kids, admission is free and you can lose yoursefl for a good half day inside.

So, within a short walk of each other you have a whole days entertainment in London that will keep the kids occupied and, if you include Guildhall Art Gallery will cost under £10! Can’t be bad eh?

London walks – Harry Potter Tour

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

The update of our Harry Potter London walk has now been completed and the tour now includes the (limited) number of London scenes featured in the new movie.

You can receive the tour by emailing us at


and the tour will be in your in box within about 5 minutes.

London’s appearances in the film are confined to the opening sequence which sees the Death Eaters swoop down over the streets of the capital leaving a trail of havoc and devastation in their wake.

The locations that we have included in the updated version include Trafalgar Square, St Martin In The Fields, Leicester Square Underground Station, The Gherkin, Tate Modern, and a particularly chilling and thrilling scene of the Millennium Bridge.

It is when you see London from the air, as you do in the opening sequence of the new movie, that you really appreciate what a stunning a breathtaking City it is.

Of course, those who join us on our London walks see this for themselves at every twist, turn and road fork that they take.

As has been said in previous blogs London is truly a city of surprises  and our Harry Potter London tour shows you just what an easy to walk through place London is.

We’ve put up some great London stories on the new Harry Potter Tour. You’ll learn about the different plans for Trafalgar Square before it was decided to site Nelson’s Column there. You’ll learn about the London church that caused an absolute sensation when it was first built.

You’ll learn how the City of London, the one square mile where it all began, is in fact guarded by a ring of dragons. We tell you how these supposedly mythical beasts are alive and well and the reason Muggles don’t believe in them is because of the efforts of the Ministry of Magic to keep these fire breathing lizards hidden from the prying eyes of Muggles!

In addition the new Harry Potter London walk includes  visit to the National Portrait Gallery to view the recently acquired photograph of the Harry Potter actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

So don’t delay email us at


for a free PDF download version of the Harry Potter Tour and set off into the magical world of wizards and legendary beasts that these London walks open up for you.

To order your copy simply send an email request to


You can then print of what is now a 30 page booklet and enjoy a magical London walk through places and buildings that are steeped in history and mystery.

Harry Potter Walk – London

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

We’re about to make the necessary amendments to our Harry Potter London walks and treasure hunt to take in the locations used in the new film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

To be honest London doesn’t feature that much in the film, apart from a thrilling sequence at the beginning which is guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine of anyone who decides to take a stroll over the Millennium Bridge!

The film begins with a wonderful ariel view over London and at first it is the City that those who have joined us on our London walks will instantly recognise.

But all is not well in the world of the Muggles. No sooner do you recognise familiar landmarks than dark shadows come shooting down from the sky. They are the Death Eaters en route to wreak havoc on Muggles London.

Walks that feature the locations that are used in this first scene are plentiful. Suffice it to say that there is a wonderful view of Trafalgar Square, after which the Death Eaters race past the Church of St, Martin in the Fields, past Leicester Square Underground Station and onwards and upwards.

The next scene shows a long view of St Paul’s Cathedral looking over the Millennium Bridge. The shadows come up from behind the dome and then swoop down onto the bridge itself causing it to twist and buckle before it breaks up and falls into the River Thames.It really is an exciting sequence.

The last view shows the Death Eaters flying over  Tate Modern, which looks particularly good in the scene.

Thereafter the rest of the film takes place way out of London as Harry and his friends do battle with all manner of enemies both within and without Hogwarts.

You can get your free PDF of our Harry Potter London walks by emailing us at harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com and we’ll respond within five minutes attaching a copy of our 28 page PDF booklet of the Harry Potter London walks.

Whilst we’re on the subject of our Harry Potter London walk, one of the people who did the tour at the end of June got a really nice surprise as they were following the route. We’ll tell you what it was in Friday’s Blog.

Harry Potter London Treasure Hunt Walks.

Monday, July 13th, 2009

This week is well and truly Harry Potter week in London and our Walks that cover the Harry Potter London film locations are increasing in popularity with each day that passes.

We put the harry Potter London walk together in December 2008 and have been updating it ever since.

In late April we converted it to a manageable 27 page print off and go PDF tour around the harry Potter London sites.

How it works is very simple. If you wish to take our self guided Harry Potter London walks you can request it via our quick enquiry form at the top right corner of this page. We then send you the PDF as an email attachment which you then print off . That’s it really. Couldn’t be simpler!

The Harry Potter London walk is a step by step full researched guided tour that will take you all over London.

It covers the major sites that featured n the Harry Potter films. Places such as Gringotts Bank, The entrance to the Ministry of Magic, The Leaky Cauldron and, of course, Platform 9 3/4.

With regards the latter site there is a major refurbishment going on at King’s Cross Station at the moment and Platform 9 3/4 recently moved! Not to worry though, our Harry Potter London walk has been updated to include the new location, which isn’t that far from the old location, but which can prove a little difficult to find if you arrive at King’s Cross during the evening rush hour. That is why our step by step directions are so helpful.

Our free London walks and Harry Potter tours are all paced out  with step by step directions that guide you past some of the capital’s most historic sites. In addition our Harry Potter London Film Location Walk is laid out as a treasure hunt in which the children can be kept fully occupied searching for unusual items in the streets of London.

So if you would like to receive our Free Harry Potter Tour PDF please send us an email to harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com and we’ll send it by return. In addition we will also send you details of our many other London walks.

Coming Soon – Harry Potter London walk update

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Not long to go now before the new Harry Potter film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince makes its appearance, and our London walks around the Harry Potter film sites will, of course, be updated accordingly.

What we can report is that two of the locations that we include on our Harry Potter London walk will feature in extremely dramatic fashion in what is destined to be this summer’s blockbuster movie.

The Death Eaters will be launching an attack on London in the upcoming film and the locations singled out for this will be Trafalgar Square and (gasps of utter horror!) the Millennium Bridge.

Since it is on the Warner Bros trailer it’s not giving too much away to say that the Millennium Bridge might have  wobbled a great deal when it first opened, but it wobbles a whole lot more in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when the Death Eaters come a calling!

The film Premiers on 15th July 2009 and I’ve had the chance to see it I will update the London walks PDF of the Harry Potter film sites.

Until then you can get a taster of just how dramatic the Death Eaters attack on London is going to be by dropping by the Warner Bros Harry Potter website.

But be warned. It might make you a tad nervous about crossing the Millennium Bridge!

In the meantime you can still receive your free copy of the Harry Potter Tour PDF by filling in the request form at the top right of the page.

We will then send you our exciting 27 page step by step guide that takes you to all the Harry Potter film locations in London and gives you a fun few days out in the capital.

It’s also structured like a treasure hunt so that you can keep the kids amused looking for things around the streets of London as you see the Harry Potter film locations and some of London’s major tourist attractions.

So please do take advantage of our free tour via PDF and stay tuned to this site for some of the new free London walks we will soon be offering.

News On Our Free Harry Potter Tour

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

It’s now almost a month since our Free Harry Potter London walk PDF offer went live and we’re simply overwhelmed by how popular this free London Tour has proved.

When we began putting together our free London walks we thought there might be a little bit of interest, maybe 6 or so requests a month. But our Harry Potter London Tour has exceeded our wildest expectations.

Furthermore we’ve had some lovely comments from people telling us how grateful they are that somebody has actually put together something that is 100% free (other than of course the paper and ink required to print off the 28 page booklet).

A cub scout leader requested a copy for his troop that will soon be visiting London. Once he received the pdf he had this to say about it:-
Thanks that looks excellent, told my groups of Cubs about it and they can’t wait to do the tour. Thanks for the advice.

Another lady, whose grandson is an avid Harry Potter fan, write to say:-

Thank you very much.  I came across your site as if by magic – it’s wonderful and the harry potter walk treasure hunt looks great.  It will be a ‘must do’ for my grandson who is a great harry potter fan who loves to visit London.

One Lady who actually did the Harry Potter London walk on 20th May 2009 emailed to say:-

It was great fun and the clues would keep loads of kids amused. I couldn’t believe how many times I’ve walked past the little alleys and never noticed them. I knew the Strand Underground was near its site but never actually saw it and I’d walked passed that too.

So why not join the growing band of people who are experiencing and discovering more of London on our Free London walks?

If you would like us to send you the free PDF of the Harry Potter London Tour then please simply fill in the quick contatc at the top of this page and we’ll whizz it over to you.

Harry Potter Free London Tour

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Our Harry Potter free London walks are proving really popular. Since it went live two weeks ago we have had almost 500 request for the free PDF download, and several of those have now followed the route and have emailed to say how much they have enjoyed it. We have received several emails from parents telling us how nice it is to find something free to do with their kids in London.

Walks are a great way to get around the city. Unlike on coach tours, you can actually take the time to explore the wonderful places that London has to offer in the backstreets and hidden courtyards. Instead of just zooming past an intriguing looking alleyway or passage way you can actually go in to it, look around and see what it has to offer.

This is the beauty of a London walk. This city was not laid out for motorised transport. The streets of this city evolved at a time when if people wanted to get across London they walked.

Coach tours can show you the main sights, but you are always going to be looking at those places from behind the barrier of the coach window. You lose the atmosphere, lose the excitement and the intrigue of true discovery, and – perhaps worst of all – you lose the chance to get away from the crowded thoroughfares of modern London and into those hidden away little nooks and corners where history was made.

So why not download the first of our free London walks? The Harry Potter London Tour is emailed as a PDF attachment which you just print off, head out, and then do at you own pace and in your own time.

Unlike scheduled London walks, you won’t be crammed onto a tour with loads of other people, but rather you will be with your own family or friends exploring at your own pace. If you want to dally at a spot for a bit longer you will be able to do so. If you want to quit and come back to finish the route another day, that will be fine.

So send us your request via out quick submit for at the top of the page and we will respond within 48 hours with a fully researched PDF that will show you so much more of London.