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Wow It’s Cold!!

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

London is currently gripped by an icy blast of wintry weather. But, our Jack the Ripper London walks are still going ahead and still going strong.

A few of our clients, particularly those traveling from places like West Yorkshire, Scotland and, last night, Surrey, have not been able to get in to London to take the Jack the Ripper Walk and, in these cases we’ve either moved them to another night or given a full refund on the booking.

Yesterday I took a walk around Westminster getting ready for one of the new free London walks. I’ve never seen so many police. I had to get down Cowley Street, where the Liberal Democrat headquarters are, but the police had it cordoned off at both ends, so obviously they were expecting a few students to try and disrupt the Liberal Democrats. As it happens the students needn’t have bothered as Vince Cable did a perfectly good job for them!

We had a group of students booked for their own private Jack the Ripper walk on Monday night. As it happens they were coming down from Manchester but, since they were coming by coach they persevered and got to the start of the tour only fifteen minutes late.

But the big story on our London walks this week has to be the weather. There’s not been a great deal of snow in central London so the walks themselves haven’t been too affected. The temperatures are plummeting at night (actually they’ve not been much better during the day), but by wrapping up warm and by setting a brisk pace, we are managing to keep nice and snug and warm.

So the message is the walks are going ahead as promised, but we are advising our clients to wrap up nice and warm and that way they will enjoy a great evening exploring the streets where the infamous 1888 murders occurred in the company of London’s premier Jack the Ripper Walking Tour guides.

London Ghost Walks – We’re the Wannados Not The Wannabes

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

With Halloween rapidly approaching it’s nice to see the usual sinister comments about knock-offs, wannabees and amateurs being hurled around by some of the  London Walking Tour Guides.

We’ve never gone in for that sort of questionable behaviour. We don’t do personal insults. We don’t do rants. We prefer to act like grown-ups. We just do great tours that people love. After all if you have to market your tours by hurling unfounded insults at your competitors it says more about the quality of your tours than about your competitors.  Our clients have come to expect a certain level of service from us and our mission is not insult but to entertain. And boy have we got some great things going on at the Original London Ghost Walk.

Richard’s latest book, Haunted Britain has now hit the shops and has been extremely well received. And, though we say so ourselves, it really does look great. The forward was written by Tom Baker, who has kindly posted it on the newsletter page of his website.

This is Richard’s sixteenth book on the paranormal and no other London Walking Tour Guide can offer you the same level of expertise. That’s why Richard’s acclaimed Halloween Ghost Walk has been sold out since mid September. It’s a fun-filled, chilling night of pure (ish) entertainment that unfolds against the backcloth of one of the most haunted City’s in the world.

Richard’s new documentary, The man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes, has won the approval of the world’s most notable Sherlock Holmes Societies, whilst Richard and several of the London Discovery Walks Jack the Ripper guides have been featured in the exciting new Jack the Ripper documentary that will be airing in December this year.

Richard has also achieved several entries in the the latest edition of that bible of Ripper studies, The Complete Jack the Ripper A To Z, one of which hails him as “one of London’s leading Walking Tour guides” .. how’s that for international recognition?

So, as Richard approached his 30th year of offering quality guided walks in London you can see why it is that he is most certainly the guide you wanna be with.

London Jack the Ripper Walks

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Our free london walks are now nearing completion and, hopefully, will be going live very shortly. There has been a bit of a delay in launching them as things got very busy over the last few months. Our great new documentary  The Man Who Murdered Sherlcok Holmes was launched in early July, and has received some great reviews in Sherlock Holmes studies circles. Richard has been snapping the final photos for his upcoming book, which will be published in october this year, and we’ve been working on a bit of wizadry that will bring our London walks right into the 21st century. So watch this space.

We give the walk a rest in August for several reasons. Firstly, it’s alway lead by Richard Jones the man who is internationally recognised  as the leading ghost walk guide in London. With almost 20 books published on the paranormal and haunted Britain no  other guide comes close to matching his knowledge of the ghostly metropolis.  But, even an enthusiast like Richard needs a break and every August he and his family get to spend more time together to make up for the the rest of the year when he is out working virtually every night.  Secondly, August is just too light for a London ghost walk to be effective. So we give it a rest in August and come back re-charged in September. 

But if you want to see spooky London our Jack the Ripper Walk will operated throughout August.

So, what with our free Harry Potter Tour, our soon to be launched free London walks, and the fact we offer the best Jack the Ripper and Ghost Walks you’re sure to find something to interest you, whether you want to join a Walk of  Jack the Ripper’s London or enjoy a self guided walk.

As we like to say  – We’re With You Every Step of the Way.

Jack the Ripper Walk

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Are you looking for a night out in London that is a little bit different and a little bit creepy?

Then why not join us for a Jack the Ripper Walk?

Our tour of  Jack the Ripper’s London takes place seven chilling nights a week at 7pm.

The great thing about our tour is that we are the only one of the companies offering London walks that ask you to book in advance so that we can limit the number of participants to a sensible and manageable number.

This approach, coupled with the fact that we follow a more atmospheric route and visit more of the actual murder sites than any other London walks, has helped make ours the premier such tour in London.

When you join our tour, you won’t be on one of the unsightly cattle drive London walks, that cram over a hundred people onto a tour with one guide. Rather, you will be a part of a much smaller more intimated group that will number around 34 people. As we like to say our Jack the Ripper walk is the one that’s heard not herd.

In addition three of our guides are published authors who between them have written five acclaimed books on the Whitechapel Murders, so in a addition to smaller groups than the London walks cattle drives, atmospheric routes, and actually visiting more of  murder sites, you will be guided around the area by the proven experts on the case.

The New Jack the Ripper Historical Resource

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

We’ve been working hard on this.

Our Jack the Ripper Walk is widely acknowledged as being the best in London.  We offer you expert guides, limited numbers and a truly atmospheric route that starts right in the heart of the area where the murders occurred in 1888.  We are also passionate about what we do and devote a great deal of time, energy and resources to ensuring we bring you as much information about the Jack the Ripper mystery and East End History as we can. Indeed, the reason for our silence on the blog of late is that we have been working hard to create a truly in depth resource on the history of Jack the Ripper.

Now you can actually see for yourself that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to Jack the Ripper. Our full Jack the Ripper Resource shows you that we are passionate about the subject and that we share the information BEFORE you have to sign up to join our Jack the Ripper Walk.

We are the only company that does this.  We will give you all the information and then you can decide whether you want to join us and pay, or simply read the information and then go and do your own Jack the Ripper Tour using the information.

Our unique approach means that you can really make a study of the case before you join the walk and then be up to speed on all the facts. This makes for a far more enjoyable tour, as you will then be able to discuss the case with your expert guide.  And the fact that we limit our numbers to a sensible numner of around 34 participants is an added bonus that with us you can enjoy an in depth walk that visits more of the actaul murder sites than any other Jack the Ripper Walk.

Jack the Ripper London walk

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Our Jack the Ripper Tour is on the move.

From tomorrow, May 5th 2009, Our Jack the Ripper Walk meeting point will move to a new exit outside Aldgate East Underground Station.

Our new meeting point will be outside Exit Four of Aldgate East Underground Station. This is reached if you are arriving into Aldgate East from central or west London by turning right off the tube, going up the stairs, through the ticket barrier and Exit Four is the exit on the right.

If you our joining our Jack the Ripper London walks and travelling from the East of London, simply turn left off the train and follow the above directions.

Our Jack the Ripper Tour takes place seven chilling nights a week, and has been operating since 1982. We our the only one of all the London walks offerring Jack the Ripper tours that ask you to book. We do this because we like to limit our numbers to a sensible and manageable number of around 34 participants.

London walks that tell you there is “no need to book” cannot do this and the result is that participants on those tours can end up crammed on to an untidy scrum with 80, 90, 100 or sometimes over 200 people all struggling to see and hear one guide.

Those who join our walks often express relief when these massive cattle drive London walks pass us in the streets, and several of our clients have written to say how pleased they were to join a company that ensures they can hear and see everything. As we like to put it ours is the Jack the Riper walk that’s heard not herd.

Exit Four of Aldgate east Station is a great place to begin your Jack the Ripper London walk and we’re very excited about the move. For a start its almost directly alongside the site of St Mary’s Church, which was the White Chapel that gave its name to the area.

Furthermore Whitechapel High Street, on which our tour begins, featured in the story of Emma Smith, who was attacked nearby on April 3rd 1888, and who is the first name on the Whitechapel Murders file.

From here we go in to Gunthorpe Street, which in 188 was called George yard, and which was the place where the body of Martha Tabram was found in August 1888. This little, cobbled alley is exactly as it was in 1888 and still has a really sinister atmosphere about it.

From Gunthorpe Street we go to Thrawl Street where Mary Nichols, who many believe was the first actual victim of Jack the Ripper, was lodging at the time of her murder.

So, within moments of starting our Jack the Ripper’s London walk, you have passed two murder sites, and visited a street connected with another. You have gone in to a narrow, cobbled alley and seen buildings that survive from 1888 and which featured in the sotry of Jack the Ripper.

The large cattle drive tours that start from Tower Hill will, on the other hand, spend the first 50 or so minutes stopping in modern well lit streets which have virtually no connections with the Jack the Ripper murders. Furthermore, their numbers are so large they simply cannot squeeze in to the narrow, unchanged alleyways that typify what the area was like when Jack the Ripper stalked them.

So join us on London’s premier Jack the Rippe London walks and enjoy a welcome difference. Just remember that from Tuesday May 5th 2009 we will be meeting outside Exit Four of Aldgate East Underground Station, at the epicentre of the Jack the Ripper Murders. An remember when you join our London walks you are joining the tours that are heard not herd.