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London Ghost Walks – We’re the Wannados Not The Wannabes

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

With Halloween rapidly approaching it’s nice to see the usual sinister comments about knock-offs, wannabees and amateurs being hurled around by some of the  London Walking Tour Guides.

We’ve never gone in for that sort of questionable behaviour. We don’t do personal insults. We don’t do rants. We prefer to act like grown-ups. We just do great tours that people love. After all if you have to market your tours by hurling unfounded insults at your competitors it says more about the quality of your tours than about your competitors.  Our clients have come to expect a certain level of service from us and our mission is not insult but to entertain. And boy have we got some great things going on at the Original London Ghost Walk.

Richard’s latest book, Haunted Britain has now hit the shops and has been extremely well received. And, though we say so ourselves, it really does look great. The forward was written by Tom Baker, who has kindly posted it on the newsletter page of his website.

This is Richard’s sixteenth book on the paranormal and no other London Walking Tour Guide can offer you the same level of expertise. That’s why Richard’s acclaimed Halloween Ghost Walk has been sold out since mid September. It’s a fun-filled, chilling night of pure (ish) entertainment that unfolds against the backcloth of one of the most haunted City’s in the world.

Richard’s new documentary, The man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes, has won the approval of the world’s most notable Sherlock Holmes Societies, whilst Richard and several of the London Discovery Walks Jack the Ripper guides have been featured in the exciting new Jack the Ripper documentary that will be airing in December this year.

Richard has also achieved several entries in the the latest edition of that bible of Ripper studies, The Complete Jack the Ripper A To Z, one of which hails him as “one of London’s leading Walking Tour guides” .. how’s that for international recognition?

So, as Richard approached his 30th year of offering quality guided walks in London you can see why it is that he is most certainly the guide you wanna be with.

A London Ghost Walk Anyone?

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Ok, so the nights are bright and the sun is shining. But what better weather can there be to enjoy a London Ghost Walk than a summer’s night!

True, you might fancy the cold wet winter nights when the City is at its spookiest. But the summer nights have a great deal going for them as far as ghost walks in London go.

For a start, you can really appreciate the old buildings that our ghost walks cover. And we really do see some great parts of historic London on our Walks.

To begin with there is the oldest parish church in London, St Bartholomew the Great, which recently featured in the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movie by the way.

The there’s the old Roman ruins that really look great on a summer’s night .

The old alleys and courtyards that we explore are a true joy in the summer because you can really look at them and appreciate them.

The other point is that a ghost walk is about the storytelling. And with Richard Jones, the man who is internationally recognised as London’s best ghost walk guide, as your host you will find yourself in the company of a masterful storyteller. His skills as a narrator will keep you looking over your shoulder be it a dark winter’s night or a light summer’s evening.

So check out our Friday night Ghost Walk. and our Saturday Haunted London Walk.

London Ghost Walks And Jack The Ripper Tour

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Our Jack the Ripper London walk is still taking place seven chilling nights a week and departs from Exit Four of Aldgate East Underground Station.

This is the only Jack the Ripper Walk that starts right in the heart of the area where the infamous murders took place between August and November 1888. By following the carefully laid out route that we have devised you get a much better idea of how the murders unfolded, the effect they had on the area and how they increased in ferocity as the so called “autumn of terror” rolled by.

For the full deatils of the Jack the Ripper Tour can be found at the relevant page on this website.

The other popualr one of our London walks is the London Ghost Walk. This takes place mostly on Friday and  Saturday nights and takes you on a wonderful and creepy journey thorugh the older streets of London.

To book on to the London Ghost Walks please pay a visit to the relevant pages on our website.

Richard has been out today putting the finishing touches to the Free Riverside Pub Walk, which is due to go live in May and which will allow you to visit several pubs that literally face out across the River Thames. These places are steeped in history and we know you’re going to love this and the other free London walks that we’ll be rolling out in the coming months.

This weeks walks news in London

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Well the clocks have done whatever it is they do at this time of year. It’s now British Summer Time (yeah right!) and it’s raining. Don’t you just love these halcyon summer days.

We had a record day on our Harry Potter London walks last week when 89 requests were made in one day. You can still get hold of a copy of the free pdf by sending an email to


That’s all there is to it. The DIY tour then comes back to you by return.

Of course you can still join us for a Jack the Ripper Tour or for one of our London Ghost Walks.

The Jack the Ripper walks take place 7 chilling nights a week and the Ghost Walks in London are currently on Friday and Saturday nights.

Richard has now finished the writing for his new book Haunted Britain, which will be published on Halloween this year. In addition the Sherlock Holmes documentary is almost completed and will be going on sale in the near future.

Richard has now begun a great new project with Sir Donald Sinden, one of the most respected names in British Theatre. Last week Richard and several others accompanied Sir Donald on a tour of some great properties and the project, when it is completed, is going to be great.

Sir Donald is now in his mid- 80′s but shows no signs of slowing down. He has a fund of great anecdotes (he actually met Lord Alfred Douglas!) and is a true raconteur who still keeps his audiences enraptured with his tales of the theatrical world.

The finished project is going to be absolutely breathtaking and we’ll be posting more information on it on this blog in the coming months.

In the meantime the Free Riverside Pub Walk is now  in its finishing stages and we hope to launch it in early May.  So keep an eye on this blog for it.

Take A Spooky Walk In London

Friday, February 19th, 2010

This has been the worst winter in goodness knows how long! Normally in the winter we get some bad weather, after all that’s what winter’s about. But this one just goes on and on.

However, there is an upside to these dark and wintry nights. They offer the perfect atmosphere for a London Ghost Walk or a Jack the Ripper Tour.

As per our promise, our London walks have been taking place “whatever the weather,” or as we put it in the blurb “we go rain, shine, snow and especially in thick, thick fog.”

These spooky walks make for a great way to see more of London and to get to the grips, so to speak, with the capital’s darker and more sinister history.

These type of walks are best done on cold, winter nights as 1)The streets of London are empty at the moment and 2)With the darkness all around you it really does make for a creepier, more nerve jangling experience.

So if you find yourself at a loose end in London on Saturday why not enjoy a Haunted London walk and discover the darker side of London’s past.

That Rings A Bell On The London Ghost Walks

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Richard here.

I’m currently in Herefordshire and this afternoon, as darkness fell, I finally arrived at St. Mary’s Avenbury.

I say finally because this has to be one of the most elusive churches in the country.

I typed it into my sat nav and, lo and behold, it came up as “no match found!”

But then I had a bright idea and did a postcode search via Royal Mail.

As if by magic I found a postcode and moments later it was loaded into my sat nav.

Thus I was guided through the Cotswolds, had to negotiate my way through Cheltenham and , as daylight was ending, my sat nav told me to turn left.

Phew, I was on a rough farm track that got narrower and narrower and which was coated in a helpful sheet of ice.

But as the days last rays of daylight faded I turned onto a rough path, parked up and started walking.

Moments later I arrived at the forlorn ruins of St Mary’s, Avenbury and all the  effort to get there was worth it.

This is a truly spooky location. The church itself is a total ruin.

Around it are leaning and toppled tombstones and there was a feeling of total unease as I wandered around it.

Most bizarre of all, as I took a photograph, suddenly the view finder of my camera filled with mist and, when I looked at the photo, sure enough there was a mist all over a tree to the right of the photo.

I’ve posted the photo on the Haunted Britain Blog I’m keeping to map my journey.

Of course St Mary’s Avenbury is of interest for my London Ghost Walk because one of the bells of this isolated ruin is featured on the haunted London walks, indeed it is now in the Church of St Andrew By The Wardrobe in London.

 It is said that this bell rings out whenever a vicar of Avenbury dies.

Our London walks for the holidays.

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

With Christmas rapidly approaching we thought wed just give a brief mention of the London Walking Tours that we will be offering over the festive period.

Our Jack the Ripper Tour will continue every night at 7pm up until 23rd December 2009 after which it will take a rest for a few days. It will resume again on 27th December and then operate nightly until 30th December. We will gain be taking a break on 31st December and 1st January before resuming again on 2nd of January 2010.

Our London Ghost Walks are almost all completely sold out now up to Christmas. Over the Christmas period Richard will be conducting a special series of Christmas Ghost Walks in London. There will be an Alleyways and Shadows:- Old City Ghost Walk on 27th December ( a great opportunity to walk off all the Christmas excesses!). Two days later there will be a Ghosts, Ghouls and Graveyards Hidden Horrors Tour and then on 30th September the Alleyways and Shadows Walk will be the last ghost walk of 2009.

It’s also worth remembering that we offer a whole raft of free London walks that you can print off and do yourself. The most popular of these is the Harry Potter London Film Locations Walk which has gone mad with requests over the last few days. Indeed, we’ve been getting 40 requests a day for this one of our Self Guided Walks of London.

So we have plenty of events to keep you active over the Christmas period and, come the New Year, we’re going to be unveiling some very special new additions to our Walking Tours of London.

Dublin and Our London Ghost Walks.

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Richard has currently taken a break from his London walks and has jetted off (if that is what you call flying Ryanair) to Dublin.

He is a guest speaker at the Paranormal conference that takes place in Dublin each year. The organisers of Paracon actually came to London and were so impressed by the experience they enjoyed on Richard’s London Ghost Walks that they emailed a few days later and asked if he would give a talk at the conference in 2008.

This is Richard’s second conference in the past three weeks. In late October he gave a talk to the Jack the Ripper London conference on Jack the Ripper and the Spiritualists. This is a fascinating topic and one which Richard will be expanding on at a later date.

When Richard is away from London his Walks are covered by several top flight Blue Badge Guides who follow his ethos of conducting tours that bring out the drama of London’s more sinister past.

His colleague Kathy Trevelyan, the woman in black, is an acclaimed Blue Badge Guide who really knows how to chill an audience with her skilful blend of storytelling and drama.

Her Woman in Black Ghost Walk is a popular tour that really gets you into the old alleyways and graveyards at the heart of the old city.

As we mentioned in our blog yesterday we will always concentrate on highlighting the uniqueness of our tours as opposed to launching into a rant of name calling and insults about our competitors. So in the next few weeks we are going to be launching a series of guide profiles of the various guides you can meet on our London walks.

The guides who lead our tours have many years experience and are all top flight experts in their fields. They have mastered the art of guiding and are able to present you with a fun and informative experience. As author Philip Gerard put it:-

You have to roll up your sleeves and be a stonecutter before you can become a sculptor – command of craft always precedes art: apprentice, journeyman, master.

Our London Walking Tour guides are truly masters of their craft making the London walks they conduct Wannado not Wannabe experiences.

Walks, London and the Mantlepiece.

Friday, October 9th, 2009

We’re really getting into our Walks of London Art blogs. Hopefully you are too and hopefully you are starting to see that our London walks mantra of  – LOOK EVERYWHERE – especially makes sense when you look at a work of modern art.

Today we’re still in the States of Flux wing at Tate Modern teasing little bits out of Clarinet and Bottle of Rum on a Mantlepiece, painted in 1911  by the pioneer of the cubist movement Georges Braque.

We were talking earlier about how our various London walks really do make people look at London. Not just see London, but really look at it. Let’s continue this theme with a final look at Braque’s 1911 painting.

So far we have teased out the form of the bottle of rum and the clarinet from the painting.

Today we are going to find the mantlepiece!

Looking to the bottom left corner of the painting you find the start of two thick black lines that run diagonally from left to right across the painting and end towards its top right corner.

These form the shape of the mantlepice.

Furthermore, towards the bottom light corner, there is a curved shape that could be a corbel or a mantlepiece support.

So by looking at these lines we can now see that a clarinet and a bottle of rum do, indeed, sit on a mantlepiece and thus have managed to locate the three objects for items mentioned in the title of the painting.

But why did Georges Braque choose to depict his subjects in such a distorted and disjointed fashion?

Why, if he wanted to paint a clarinet and a bottle of rum on a mantlepiece didn’t he simply do so as a still life and paint them full on?

The solution lies in the era when the painting was done. In the early years of the 20th century cameras were starting to be mass produced and photographs were beginning to replace paintings as a means of showing reality and every day life to people.

Painters felt themselves freed from the constraints of the past. No longer did they have to be restrained by the need to present depth, shade and colour. Instead they could aim at bringing a new perspective to painting and this was the style that Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso pioneered.

They would dissect their subjects, analyse them and then re-assemble them in an abstract form that presented the viewer with multiple perspectives and views of the same object or subject.

So, in the case of Clarinet and Bottle of Rum on a Mantlepiece we are seeing the three objects from multiple angles. We are looking down at the mantlepiece from above, looking at it sideways on, or even looking up at it from below. We are being given the opportunity to view the objects from multiple angles all at the same time.

This was the style that Picasso and Braque Pioneered.

In 1908 the French art critic Louis Vauxcelles described one of Georges Braque’s paintings as “full of little cubes.” The phrase caught on and the movement that Braque and Picasso has pioneered became universally known as Cubism.

So we end out look at the painting by George Braque in Tate Modern.

This weekend you can join Richard on one of his London Ghost Walks, or you can join one of our hugely popular Jack the Ripper Tours that explore the darker recesses of London’s East End.

London Ghost Walks – Richard Jones

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Once again tonight, Saturday, Richard Jones will be leading his Haunted London walk through the historic streets of the old City of London.

Richard is London’s leading London Ghost Walk guide and his research into paranormal London has resulted in him writing 17 books on Haunted Britain, that include two on Haunted London, plus History and Mystery Walks of London and Edinburgh.

Richard has been conducting London walks to the places where ghosts have been seen for 0ver 28 years and he is up to date on all aspects of sinister and ghostly London.

He is also one of the top Jack the Ripper tour guides in London and is the author of two acclaimed books on Jack the Ripper’s London Uncovering Jack the Ripper’s London and Jack the Ripper the Casebook.

In 2004 he wrote and produced the drama-documentary Unmasking Jack the Ripper’s, which has been hailed as the best Jack the Ripper documentary of recent years.

So why not join Richard on one of his ghost walks of London?

He does them on Fridays and Saturdays. Each of these spooky London walks last for around 1 3/4 hours and takes you into the darker recesses of the old City of London.

You can also purchase Richard’s books and dvd’s from our online bookshop.

Richard is currently working on his new book Haunted Britain and is the process of filming several programmes on Haunted London that will be released early next year.

The book has meant that Richard has had to defer part of an important London project he was working on this year until October 2010, but that means the book will be a full resource for those who want to find out about the Ghosts of Britain.

So keep reading the blog for news of all these exciting new developements from London’s leading ghost walk guide.