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The Harry Potter London walk

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

We recently changed the Harry Potter London walk to incorporate the fact that the photograph of the Harry Potter actors is no longer on display at the National Portrait gallery.
Both the website and the Harry Potter London tour PDF have been updated to incorporate this change, albeit since the tour actually still passes the National Portrait Gallery it is worth popping in if you have the time.

Otherwise the Harry Potter tour of London is up to date as of March 2010 and can be obtained by the simple, magical ruse of sending an email to harry-potter-pdf@discovery-walks.com.

This is now a totally automated system so the owl responds within minutes and drops the downloadable pdf into your mail box. It’s that simple.

The great thing about our DIY London Walking Tours is that you are able to do them at your own pace. You don’t have to turn up at a scheduled departure point, and you most certainly don’t have to be crammed onto a tour with a large group of people.

Our DIY walking tour format has proved incredibly popular and we’re going to be adding a lot more of them this year. The first to go live will be the Riverside Pub tour, which has been mapped out and is now just waiting to be written up. As with the Harry Potter Tour the Riverside London Pub Walks will be laid out in such a way as to provide plenty of history, lots of atmosphere and they will also incorporate a pub quiz and treasure hunt that will keep you occupied throughout!

We’re planning on the London Pub Walks being as popular as the Harry Potter tour, as our DIY format lends itself perfectly to exploring the city’s haunted pubs.

So keep an eye on our blog for more details of the coming Free London walks.

The Harry Potter London walk.

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Well, that’s it for another year. Halloween has now passed and the broomsticks are put away for the next twelve months.

So today we thought we’d return to the subject of our free London walks.

It’s been a while since we last mentioned our great Harry Potter Tour of London.

Essentially our Harry Potter London walks are a series of tours that can be combined in to one full day exploring the streets of London whilst visiting the locations where the Harry Potter movies were shot.

It couldn’t be simpler. You simply let us know that you are interested in this one of our London walks by sending us an email to:-


We’ve placed an auto-responder at this address which mean that, within two minutes of us receiving your request (often it’s even quicker than that!) our auto response clunks in to action.

There’s a lot of whirring and clanking and splutterring, but then, as if by magic, the Harry Potter London walks series is sent off through the ether and, lands in your inbox! How clever is that?

The tour itself is a 30 page PDF that gives you step by step directions around the route and takes you to such wonderful places as the real Diagon Alley; The National Portrait Gallery; Trafalgar Square; The Millennium Bridge; and, of course, King’s Cross Railway Station where you can visit Platform Nine-And-Three-Qaurters.

This one of our London walks is totally free. The only cost to you is the paper and ink to print it off (and you don’t even have to do that as it will also work on your Blackberry), the travel around London and any meals or drinks you might by in the course of this sequence of Harry Potter London walks.

So why not request your copy? Just send an email to


and within moments you could be off exploring some of London’s most fascinating places.