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See the affluent side of life with a London walk in Mayfair

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Mayfair is a beautiful part of London and situated right in the heart of the city near to Piccadilly, the famous Hyde Park and the upper class Regent Street. The place Mayfair is originally named after a fair which took place in the area throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

During this time, Mayfair also became an extremely popular area in terms of property and was a major residential hub for the rich and the ‘important.’ We all remember Mayfair from our Monopoly boards and the game truly reflects real life here in terms of the stature and value of the property.

At London Discovery Tours we have some fantastic village London walks to take you around such historic areas, and our Mayfair London walk will give you a true rich man’s walking tour which will impress and wow throughout.

As you embark on this London walk you will see some spectacular buildings which are also some of the most important and indulgent buildings within our capital city. The famous Dorchester hotel lies within Mayfair. It is known for its high calibre of celebrity guests and was considered a safe place to stay during the Second World War.

Other buildings which lie within Mayfair are arts-based such as the Royal Academy of Arts or political like the embassy building for the United States of America.

Mayfair has never lost its opulent appeal and holds a wealth which seems to be built into the walls. So show yourself the more affluent side of life with a London walk around this glorious location.

Fulfil your mystical curiosity with a Harry Potter London walking tour

Monday, January 18th, 2010

With the recent release of the sixth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the half blood Prince, it looks like no matter how much he grows up, Harry Potter is not going anywhere as his adventures just get bigger and better.

People of all ages are obsessed with Harry Potter and what better way to get involved in this magical world than with a London sightseeing tour around the locations seen in the famous Harry Potter films?

Our Harry Potter walking tour at Discovery walks is perfect for the entire family and a great day out for the children. Our London walk takes you to all the famous sites and you will see the real places where the members of Hogwarts really went.

At Discovery walks we know that children do not miss a trick, which is why our London walk of the Harry Potter sets includes areas which are in the sixth film. You will get to see everything from the Diagon alley to riding the Hogwarts train and not forgetting the famous nine and a half platform at London’s Kings Cross station.

Our Harry Potter walking tours are self guided, meaning that we provide you with a detailed map and you and your family can make your way around the places where Harry went at your own leisure.

Beware of dragons and ghastly encounters as your embark on this London walk – magical powers are essential if you are going to make it to the Hogwarts express in time.

London walks for those who think they know London

Monday, January 18th, 2010

If you live in London the chances are you think you know your way around and know the majority of things which you can do in and around the city.

For a great day out to really test your knowledge of our capital city, then why not embark on one of our treasure hunt London walking tours at Discovery Walks. We have a vast selection of treasure hunt London walks in our portfolio; however the ultimate has got to be The Mother of all Treasure Hunts.

This London walk is an all day event and great to do with a few friends or as part of a group activity. Teamwork is essential and you can also compete against your own friends to discover who really does know their city the best.

The format of our treasure hunt walks are based around cryptic clues which will send you all over the city. The difficult part is however, that you will need to work out where to go based on specific clues.

Knowing your London history is just as important as knowing your way around, as even if you know the shortest way to get to a place, if you have got the answer to your clue wrong then you really could be led up the garden path.

At Discovery Walks we ensure your day is filled with activity and you will meet genuine, and not so genuine, London characters along the way. They may help you or hinder you so ultimately it is up to you to complete this London walk successfully.

Get the true East End story with a London Discovery Walk

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Are you from another part of the United Kingdom or another country and are fascinated by London history and the way of life? If so, then this London walk is perfect for you. This London sightseeing tour will take you through all the streets and buildings of the East End, to allow you to really imagine what life was like years and years ago.

Walk through the medieval streets to discover what made this area of the city so different from the rest and what made the people in it tick. Breathe in the classic East End atmosphere to give you a real sense of adventure during this London walk.

How about gangster lovers? Maybe you are a big fan of old East End gang culture or have seen the film The Krays so many times that you cannot wait to see where this evil duo grew up and committed most of their crimes and torture.

Or you may have grown up in the East End of London and want to know where you came from and if you have any traits that relate to the East End. Think back to stories your parents or grandparents told you and relive their moments through the narrow and cold streets. You can discover so much you didn’t know about London with a London sightseeing tour.

See with your own eyes how little this area has changed and what makes it so unique. This is just one of the many walks of London and is a true insight into the history and culture that made the East End of London the charismatic place it is today.

Explore London’s Gateway with a Thames London Walk

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

The Thames River is brimming with London history and every person who visits London or lives in London will no doubt take time to see this iconic stretch of water and learn about the fascinating history behind it with a London walk.

With Discovery Walks, our London Panorama tour begins at the heart of London, on the banks of the River Thames. Explore these famous river banks by foot and take the paths of the Roman legions where Julius Caesar first crossed over the river.

As you continue on these London walking tours you will sense the strong historic tales that it holds. You will walk through places where the battles between the Saxons and the Danes took place during the Dark Ages, right up to more modern times where it is used for more leisure-based activities.

This London sightseeing tour then takes you on a boat and actually along the River Thames. This will enable you to see the huge scale of this river, and help you envisage why it was also used as a highway for the transportation of goods.

View the Anglican St Paul’s Cathedral which sits at one of the highest places in London city itself. Plus, you can sail towards the most famous bridge, Tower Bridge, just a stones throw away from the Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are held.

This London walk finishes back on foot at Westminster Bridge
, where you can see the Houses of Parliament or Palace of Westminster as it is also known. This London walk is a great way to see a vast amount of London sights in one tour.

Seat of the soul

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Bored, stressed, tired and feeling a bit overwhelmed at work, but not sure how to counter it? Being out in the great outdoors can often be a great source of rejuvenating the anatomy of your soul. “You have got to be kidding me” you may think to yourself.

You shouldn’t – London walks are a great stress reliever, and a great way to absorb the capital’s wonderful culture.

The sense of self

Finding solitude and a sense of “stillness” is what you can find on a London sightseeing tour. Going on a famous walk in London may be exactly what you need, just to allow yourself to ‘stand still’ for a moment, break away from the daily hustle and bustle and appreciate the beauty surrounding you in this extraordinary capital.

All year long, you had been driving around, trying to meet those all important deadlines, exposing you to every frustration bumper to bumper traffic has to offer. A London walk may be just what you need!

London walks offer you a great opportunity to break free from just that. More so, you are able to experience an uplifting endeavour such as this all by yourself, with your family, kids and loved ones.

With the many different London walks we specialise in, we like to think of ourselves as offering healing for the soul and an opportunity for you to make up for lost time – something we are all too familiar with. Reconnecting with the seat of your soul ultimately can do wonders for the next time duty calls.

Green, green grass of home

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

For a while, you had been toying with the idea of taking at least one tour through London. The city of London promises breathtaking, extraordinary sightseeing – bringing back to life its magical history; a history that surrounds the people and places in contemporary London.

A walk in London, is simply one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself

Regardless of whether you are a local or a foreigner, every traveller’s worst nightmare is being ill informed about the city’s sights and where they can be located. Here at Discovery Walks we allow you to thoroughly research your options, and we are committed to our service delivery.

Our knowledge base stretches beyond simply knowing about the best London walks you may experience in the hub of Britain’s capital. Our main priority, you will find, is based upon the premise that we want your most valued memories linger on.

Choices of walks vary, ranging from walks through the Scottish Highlands, notorious walks, to London walks through the city’s most renowned East and West Ends. You are sure to find a London walk suited to tickle your every fancy, depending on your level of sense of adventure.

You may be aware of Britain’s variable weather patterns, as well as, though limited, dangerous wildlife. Flexibility is what you, the traveller, ought to build into your approach when deciding to explore this gift to yourself. Our trained professional staff are here to offer you not only assistance with best choice of London walk, but also practical advice on making your choice of London walk pleasant, safe and last but not least, memorable.

London Ghost Walks – Richard Jones

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Once again tonight, Saturday, Richard Jones will be leading his Haunted London walk through the historic streets of the old City of London.

Richard is London’s leading London Ghost Walk guide and his research into paranormal London has resulted in him writing 17 books on Haunted Britain, that include two on Haunted London, plus History and Mystery Walks of London and Edinburgh.

Richard has been conducting London walks to the places where ghosts have been seen for 0ver 28 years and he is up to date on all aspects of sinister and ghostly London.

He is also one of the top Jack the Ripper tour guides in London and is the author of two acclaimed books on Jack the Ripper’s London Uncovering Jack the Ripper’s London and Jack the Ripper the Casebook.

In 2004 he wrote and produced the drama-documentary Unmasking Jack the Ripper’s, which has been hailed as the best Jack the Ripper documentary of recent years.

So why not join Richard on one of his ghost walks of London?

He does them on Fridays and Saturdays. Each of these spooky London walks last for around 1 3/4 hours and takes you into the darker recesses of the old City of London.

You can also purchase Richard’s books and dvd’s from our online bookshop.

Richard is currently working on his new book Haunted Britain and is the process of filming several programmes on Haunted London that will be released early next year.

The book has meant that Richard has had to defer part of an important London project he was working on this year until October 2010, but that means the book will be a full resource for those who want to find out about the Ghosts of Britain.

So keep reading the blog for news of all these exciting new developements from London’s leading ghost walk guide.

London – it’s a Walk of Art

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Yesterday we left you cowering beneath the two huge slabs of metal that combine to make Richard Serra’s Trip Hammer, having earlier discussed where else you can see examples of his work on our London walks.

Today we’ll have a closer look at this precariously balanced piece and ponder exactly what is the meaning behind it.

Of course the main point that we like to make time and again on our Walks of London is that, no matter where you are standing in this great city look around you.

London is a city of surprises and on our London walking tours we make a point of creating wonder out of the ordinary.

But for now, let’s return to Trip Hammer.

Richard Serra was born in San Francisco  in 1939. Whilst at university he helped support himself by working in steel mills, and this would later have an enormous impact on his art and an influence on the materials he chose to use in his art.

Although he has worked in lead and other materials, examples of which can be seen in the main hub of the Energy and Process wing, steel has become his preferred material for his art.

With Trip Hammer you can actually see how he likes to use the very steeliness of the steel to create an abstract that doesn’t represent anything, but which most certainly makes you ponder it, perhaps even fear it.

It is, in effect, taking the concept of Marcel Duchamp’s “ready mades” and using an ordinary, everyday object, that is not really meant to be seen, and displaying it in such away as to make the spectator not just look at it but to also wonder about it.  Both to stand in awe before it and be apprehensive about the potential for disaster that emanates from the work – it is, if you like, the ultimate in chance in art.

But there is also  the natural art in the steel itself.

Steel, of course, degrades and rusts – you can see this on the two pieces of steel he uses for Trip Hammer, both of which show signs of rust.

So this element adds another dimension to the work, ensuring that it will keep changing and developing as a piece.

Amazingly in Spain  in 2005, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid announced that they had somehow managed to “mislay” a 38-tonne sculpture that Serra had created!

Our next posting will look at another intriguing work in Tate Modern where chance really does play a part in the very creation of the painting itself.

Be sure to check out the various London walks we offer and don’t forget that we also do a nightly Jack the Ripper Tour that you might like to join us on.

London walking tours – the height of adventure

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

The London spirit has a way of drawing people into it. That is why people are always finding themselves in the midst of the London hustle and bustle. Most people think that London is only about doing all the tourist attractions and having a good time.

However, in order to appreciate the city for more than its museums and sometimes gruesome history, you have to be willing to explore. That means walking around this wonderful city to find the treasures that lie deep within.

London walking tours make this possible for you. Travelling with a group, you are able to experience the heart and soul of London that makes it such a fascinating city.

Fair is fair

While you will be able to enjoy the diverse London culture, you still need to feel that you have had an adventure. After all, isn’t that what holidays are all about? We would not bother leaving our homes if this wasn’t the case! Our London walking tours offer you the best of the city, while, at the same time, learning something valuable.

This can be through simply doing the pub tour or even our infamous Jack the Ripper tour. This way you can feel part of the fabric of the city, soaking up some of its illustrious quirks as well as its culture.

So, maybe a change in the way that you see London is in order. Depending on the level of excitement that you seek, we are able to offer you a chance to expand your mind in one of the UK’s greatest cities.